Fix Tol'Dagor please

I can’t even count on my fingers the amount of times random mobs get pulled through the walls or even from other floors. We need the collision in the walls to be fixed badly… this dungeon is nothing but, a crap show every single time.


Don’t think they will. If they wanted to, they would’ve done so already. It’s the last patch of the expansion, I highly doubt they are going to spend dev time fixing a dungeon that’s not going to be relevant later this year.

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My bear druid got a troll dagor 15 key this week and I need it for score.

I’ll try my best with sanguine manipulation but as usual my keyboard might bear the consequences.

edit: finished the last boss (overseer) with 10 seconds left, then realized I was 0.7% under count, insert I’m stupid label here


They just need to take Td put of the rotation at this point. It’s too broken to fix it seems. I don’t know anyone that would miss it if it were removed.


This is one of the few constant forum complaints I agree with.

Did an 18 a few days ago, everyone agreed to remove all their Twilight and Echoing corruptions. Great group, smooth run, easily timeable. Cannons done perfectly, en route to third boss feeling great!!

Then I pulled one mob through a wall with Thrash…

Excuse me sir but troll dagor does not have walls.


It sucks without a doubt, to alleviate the pain I would suggest you guys pull a ton in the early floors and set your obelisk path on the officers quarter to go near the cannon before the third boss. At that point you should be safe from any wall pulling points. Dont do the obelisk at that cannon though right away, kill the third boss and then go back and take that obelisk all the way to the final boss and finish the dungeon. Just make sure your % is good before hand, use MDT to figure it out and avoid the dangerous pulls.

Alternatively, you can do the obelisk before third boss and take it to her room. Then after you kill the third boss, everyone but the tank enters the portal and runs to the last boss. The tank runs past all the trash and dies, then the healer mass rezzes from the void realm.

Maybe a coordinated group but I wouldn’t recommend that In a pug when the obelisk is easier and will 100% work. Lot of room for error with goober pugs getting in too close and aggroing then getting in combat and dying themselves.

Double post but actually I wouldn’t do that at all. With the time it takes for the mobs and especially the casters to get up there and everyone to stay back and out of aggro range plus the 5 seconds off for the tank death if it goes right all ends up being far more time than just using the obelisk.

They’ve already made changes to Korgus and obelisk bosses this patch so I’m optimistic.

But if 1 person forgets to face into the hallway instead of facing a wall and Twi Dev procs it just throws the key.

Amazing, people complained about tol dagor in the beta and it never got fixed for the entire expansion, I bet I can still multishot through the same wall I used to pull 10 casters from even though 4 of them are inside a wall

Fair, you’d only do what I suggested if you overpulled earlier in the dungeon and don’t need the second cannon anymore. If you use the second cannon the clear the trash right before 3rd boss, then yes you should do the obelisk after third boss.

Sometimes you just pull a mob through a wall just by walking alongside the wall.

There is this Marine who pulls regardless when you run past the wall on route to the 2nd cannon.

Blizzard could combat this by making it so players get to choose the dungeon and level they want to complete. It wouldn’t remove the skill-barrier in any way if they implemented it properly. Like timing a 10 to unlock lvl 11 keys, and repeating until you hit your max, then you get to freely choose which dungeon and level you want to run. There are BIS items in every dungeon so it wouldn’t “kill” dungeons, certain classes would still need them. It would just show Blizz that some dungeons are less sought-after and maybe need tuning or changes. Being stuck with a “bad” key during a deadly affix combo isn’t fun. It essentially means you have a dead key until next Tuesday. The reason specific dungeons got farmed in an abusive way in Legion is because it was a viable source to farm AP and it was the quickest (cough Maw of Soulscough), so you had more chances of getting a legendary/hour. In BFA though, m+ farming isn’t the most efficient for AP, and you don’t get legendaries from them. I feel like a system where you can choose your key AND level in BFA would be awesome.

Lol that’s the one I pulled.

It was my first TD as horde, so in prior runs I could just meld with no issues. Lol.

I really hate this place, nothing works how it’s supposed to. We pulled stuff 2 floors below us, and then pulled mobs that weren’t even in the room when doing the 2nd boss.