Fix the jump spots in WSG

Fix the jump spots on both sides of the map. Tired of chasing a Druid that constantly jumps back n forth, at the top of the tunnels.


No! Just learn the jumps aswell! Druids spend time learning thems, you can do that aswell and they add a lot of challenge and fun to WSG.

What I do when I see a druid on spot I can’t get? → Google How I do this jump on WSG? → “Oh I see” and I get there


Yeah these jumps are never going to get “fixed” because they aren’t bugs. I don’t know why a player would want to add invisible walls in the middle of a bg. Learn the jumps they aren’t hard.


He may be referring to jumps that you can only do with a speed increase like travel form? Not sure - I am not an expert on the jumps.

I can tell you don’t like WSG and never will

They did it in AB they can do it to wsg.

They can…but they aren’t…so see you in SoM!

Getting on top of a roof that isn’t suppose to be reachable is not the same as getting on top of tunnel which is suppose to be reachable. Blizzard got rid of a bunch of safe spots that weren’t suppose to be reachable from Warsong earlier in Classic’s life.

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Do you have a source for this? I played through classic in it’s entirety and even during pre-patch TBC, it was still possible to go behind the flag and become basically unkillable. It was also still possible to jump ontop of the flag room in a way where you were unreachable as well.

git gud op

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There were ways to leave the map if done correctly. Blizzard got rid of those and made it to where if you reach these ‘out of zone’ areas you die.

Pretty poor source material, just says they experimented fixing them on a PTR build and failed. Pre-patch TBC still had 2 spots just on the horde flag room where you were unreachable.

Did you you think blizzard was gonna make a video or give out coordinates of which spots were removed?

Do you think they’re actually removed? I made 300,000 honor during TBC pre-patch. If they haven’t re-examined it since then, we’re going to have unreachable flags AGAIN.

(classic.wowhead .com/news/july-20th-hotfix-fix-out-of-bounds-warsong-gulch-316991) remove space

Here’s the other one. Extremely detailed information by Blizzard on the removal of ‘out of bounds’ jumps.

“Blocked off a location outside of intended play within Warsong Gulch.”
This is again from a time before TBC pre-patch. Excited to see horde under the map with the flag bois

Can you prove that’s a thing?

I’m fine with the jumps.

I think the holes in the fence, however, should be fixed since it is. . . you, know a fence.

I don’t mind, i’m a Lock and can easily kill a druid within’ 2 seconds of him jumping.

Not all races can make the jumps equally, so there is an unfair racial advantage not intended within the game by keeping them.

They weren’t designed to be jumped over and were supposed to be as barrier walls. It isn;t a bug, but a design flaw.

No, there are tons of jump spots people can make that do not require any form of speed boost buff.

It’s not about skill, some races simply cannot make the jumps.
If all races could make the jumps then I would want to keep them.

It should, dunno why it bothers you if they fixed it? Some people just troll to troll shrug

I’d be okay with keeping them too if all races could make them. There are some jumps in game some races cannot make.

I am all for little graphical quirks and errors that make the game rich, but if it can’t be abused equally by everyone then it should be removed or made to where others can do it too, and should not be made exclusive due to a race choice.