Fix the Dang Dismiss Pet Bug

(Moused) #1

When it this issue going to be fixed…its driving me nuts…I have reason to keep my pet dismissed not brought back out when I dismount or use a portal or use a flight point…this has been happening since the last patch…

(Leila) #2

Agreed. Trying to farm some old raids yesterday on my hunter and was wondering why my pet kept showing up everytime I did anything. I gave up at one point and set him to passive but he was still attacking. :woman_shrugging:


Try talking off through a portal or flight with your pet out. It will be dismissed every time.
You’d think the game could remember your pet’s status for the duration of a loading screen.

(Moused) #4

Well dang dismiss bug is still in game even after today’s set…fix this mess please.

(Difford) #5

Have you been on the bug forum?

(Crango) #6

you dont know / you gotta sit and talk with your pet and explain why it needs to sit down or not

(Moused) #7

Yes its been reported over and over in the bug forums.