Fix the Battle grounds or last subscription

Fix’d for ya, You and your friend can both open your battle masters and scroll to the bottom and click the same number, just as horde can do, the ONLY difference in this is the faction population.

No dude you did not fix for me.
If you are going to purposely act this dumb, perhaps you should just not post?

We ALL know it can work, and it works a lot better with shorter queue times.
Why do you think some alliance guilds spend 20 30 minutes or so queue punching to get 30 of their guys into the same AV?

Ask these guys
And no you can not go unless you have 100% mount and meet the gear check, they will boot you out of the bg.

You can do that as horde, but it is going to take a lot longer than 30 minutes, because their queues do not cycle any where near as fast.

l0l sounds like pvp happening on a pee v p server. i suggest you re roll as yo uknew this was going to happen #nochangerzz

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You say purposely act dumb, but you keep saying because of the choices of the player base that the SYSTEM ITSELF is biased in favor of the alliance, do you really need that explained to you?

This gnome not holding back. Hahaha

Looks like it was fixed. Enjoy

You are hopeless, really hopeless.

You sit and say above that alliance can not do something, that they most definitely can, and a lot more than a duo, and so can horde but it takes a lot longer to pull off

And now you are going to put your words in my mouth, and mansplain something to me?

Oh sure, go right on ahead, i could use some good toiletpaper.

He said the horde system doesn’t even allow them to queue up as a duo, the alliance system also does not do that, show me, in game, where you can queue up as a group or duo in AV as alliance, I’ll wait.

already been answered ad nauseam

Waiting for this revelational mansplaining, starting before i fall asleep would be a good idea

Oh so you’re admitting that you in fact CANNOT QUEUE as a duo? Ok, well I’m glad you came to your senses.

Again, you’re going to put your words in my mouth?
Is this something you do to amuse yourself when your mom isn’t paying attention to you or something?

You do realize that other people can simply look up and see that you are imagining things right?

reroll alliance
PvP happened in a PvP battleground

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You must be so mad all your reading comprehension has gone out the window, you see, he said “horde cannot even queue a duo for AV” as if alliance could, my point was that neither alliance nor horde can queue as a duo for AV as the system is the same for both, this has zero to do with you until you decided to chime in insert a factually incorrect statement of

despite the fact that when I asked you to show me in game how you can queue as a duo for AV You already said that it’s been answered ad nauseam(that you cannot)

you have done nothing but try to misconstrue and insult your way into feeling right about something you’re factually incorrect on and had nothing to do with you, but carry on, please attempt to prove me wrong, I enjoy your attempts.

First of all, it’s not a 40 man premade. More often than not we get between 20-30 players in the same AV. It is very rare to get more than 30. Secondly, it is more or less still a pug, it’s not like players 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc are all queueing together and getting in to the same AV. There are sometimes hundreds of us queueing together, the groups are completely different every time. What AV premades are is groups of Alliance players that wont just die on our mounts and then AFK out of the turtle. The Horde are far more interested in PvP than most Alliance players. Most of our players just want the rep, and then never enter AV again.

As far as the queue goes, part of that problem is on you. The Alliance prefer fast games, the Horde likes to turtle and drag games out for 45+ minutes. You have the power to cut your queue times in half.

This is the vanilla experience. Currently most Alliance doing WSG are premades. Premade dodging was how rankers hit R14 during retail vanilla. The horde can’t really do it due to queues, but Alliance can, and will dodge the Horde premades, leaving them to farm our Alliance pugs.

I mean…This would help fix the problem.

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Good. At least you have guts to fight for what you believe in.

I really don’t care what you think because your kind deserve the state you are in right now.

But whorde players - please give this guy a round of applause for self-culling to solve the population imbalance.

I guess its quit, re-roll or go back to retail.


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Quit crying.

Sounds like you need to play a single player game. Seems you can’t adjust to the fact that there are thousands of people playing the same realm as you and how they play WILL affect how you get to play. That’s just the way it is in an mmorpg.

Get over it. Quit crying.


You guys have always been pathetic but this is just a whole new level

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Their not gonna fix sht. So, might as well quit now.

Horde had fun. Know alliance get something to do.