Fix the Abysmal faction balance

The EST PvE servers have 25/75 faction spreads on average. Mankrik is in favor of the Horde while the other two are in favor of the Alliance. You have failed with your server names as they are all faction biased. Rename them before it’s too late.

How on Earth would you know the faction balance on any realm that hasn’t opened for play?

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What are they supposed to do to fix the imbalance?

I just want a new eastern PvE server so we can spread the population…

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You know nothing of the population. So only use item and character names (as server names)that have nothing to do with either horde or alliance? sounds great.

Every single reddit poll supports my point. It might not be 25/75 levels of bad, but they all share that there is a massive faction disparity.

Why would that be Blizzards concern? People need to figure out where they want to roll and balance it if they want to balance it.

makes sense reddit is totally a viable source. By the way this is still before, whatever people, do inevitably switch servers. If there is a huge server imbalance making faction specific QUES for the launches the thing to do.

The only thing reddit can tell you is ‘how many people read reddit and play wow, who also wouldn’t mind putting in their input on a poll’

There’s many more people not on reddit than on reddit.
There’s many more people who have not even resubbed yet because why pay for something you can’t use before you need it?
If I didn’t have an active sub there is no way I’d have already started paying for something I can’t use, it’s ridiculous.

All of these ‘saw it on reddit’ posts are extrapolating from an incomplete dataset, they’re meaningless and it will be pure luck should they reflect reality 2 months from now.


There are 2 coming on Monday: Old Blanchy for Pacific and Westfall for Eastern.

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I didn’t catch that. Sucks to wait till Monday though. I have my names reserved on Pagle but I know that’ll be queue city…

Blizzard is expecting the queues are going to fix the population imbalances when people see 10000 people ahead of them and reroll on different servers which is why the four new servers aren’t going online until Monday.

Edit: That sentence needs some punctuation but I’m in the middle of something and didn’t bother.

Edit 2: In the time it took me to type that I could have corrected the punctuation.


Only 5 hours before servers open for play to create your characters.

Did you dislocate your shoulder with that reach?

Thanks, I guess I’ll roll on Westfall.

Best edit notations ever lol

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Have you not read the names of the servers? Westfall is an Alliance zone, Pagle is a human NPC, and Mankrik is an infamous meme from the Barrens which is a Horde zone. Familiar names will attract more players to them.

PVE servers are alliance heavy because alliance is PVE easymode.
Paladins, dwarf priests(fear ward), and human (best melee PVE racial).
It’s not because of the server names…

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And conversely: PVP servers are horde heavy because horde is PVP easymode.

:man_shrugging: That’s just the way it is… nearly every PVE server gonna be ally heavy and every PVP server gonna be horde heavy.

Need more Ally players to come PVP server.