Fix Tagging NOW!

yeah tags should go away for this event, all i see is grey before me.


Oh. So it wasn’t in my head lol

I ended up just camping a portal and using Holy Nova. At least the spawns aren’t horrible so waiting wasn’t too bad

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Spec into explosive trap and put it right where the mobs spawn. Traps trigger before the mob even spawns in so it’s an instant tag. I did it for a couple hours and got the full transmog set already.

Just to clarify - it shouldn’t require doing this and I agree the tags are dumb and need to go away.

I’m playing Evoker right now.

“Let’s make a quest that involves everyone having to farm mobs in the open world in a tiny crowded area.”

“And then limit it to only the first 5?”


We get that. The point is the tag limits should never have been applied to the invasion mobs lol.

Especially when raids work fine with it, it’s just punishing people who don’t want to join a raid. :stuck_out_tongue:


I got the toy and one cape I liked, the rest of the cloth mogs are ugly >.<

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Or they could just remove it all together. They already did away with faction tagging in DF.


The mail isn’t super great either but I thought it would be a neato thing to have

Oh, how unhappy I was when I see the tagging fun times going on.

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I’m sure I’ll eventually do it anyways. I’m pretty sure the quest rewards gave me enough that I can still get some now

Yup, this is annoying. Don’t need classic ways of design anymore.


Oh no yea I agree its dumb

That was more of a sad explanation on why its that way, less of a defending it

This has to be a bug. We can tag as factions now but limited to 5 wtf?


gotta join a raid in pf if you want to actually get full tags, its a really bad system

Oh, I went that route after it was made clear about the tagging issue. Sadly, however after signing up for about six groups all being declined on my warrior (not this one) I was like no I’m good.

Just going to give it some time.

The tagging is annoying. Got so many people sharding from the NA to OCE Servers to get around this, and can’t do much with the tagging limits.

It warms my heart to see that the forums can come together on a cause… pointing out blizzard’s stupid mistakes
/wipes away tear


Yes, this is a huge issue. I am just actually trying to tag anything rather than playing the game. This is the definition of degenerate game play.

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But being in a raid will not drop the things you need for the quest.

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Should make up a song about “Degenerate Gameplay”. I’m humming it now to the toon of Jinglebells.