FIVE minute potion CD in shadowlands? Wut?

“With the cooldown increased to five minutes and not affected by dropping out of combat, players will have fewer opportunities to use potions”

Am I missing something when I read that article?
Are they seriously thinking making the CD longer is helping anything???


What is it hurting?

Popping a potion was never an exciting moment.


Not a big potion user, I take it?


Perhaps the second and third lines of Blizzard’s post?

Additionally, they are no longer limited to one use per encounter. This is intended to make potion use less of a hassle, less expensive, and more decision-oriented in various situations throughout the game.


That wasn’t an answer to the question.

What is the downside?


Well, I’d say decoupling it from whether you’re in combat or not does help in M+ a bit. It also will help with very long fights.


I read all that.
So what does this mean, exactly, when I need mana healing?
I can just use as many as I want?
Whats the point of the CD if thats the case?

yeah…thats what the article was saying, I believe.
Im trying to understand how increasing my CDs for my healing potions helps me when tankypoo overpulls and DPS are trying to solo the place and burn thru my mana pronto and now Im waiting longer for a potion CD.

ive got to be missing something.
They cant possibly be saying I can use them as much as I want…but oh, heres a longer CD.


It means you can use multiple mana potions in a long fight but not in quick succession.

So you don’t just spam pots whenever you feel like it. The idea is to make the decision to use a potion or not more tactical.


Mana pots and health pots don’t share a cd do they?

For some reason I thought they did not.

oh dear god…the blue response cleared it up. ugh

“In dungeons, spacing out potion use will place more emphasis on deciding the most important times to use them.”

So they ARE screwing us on potions use then

I dont use healing potiions much at all. mana potions I pretty much keep half a bag full when Im running dungeons all day. Some tanks and DPS like to forget that I have a mana bar, lol.

Im hoping Im misunderstanding that article, but as I posted above, the blue response seems to indicate the worst case here…that theyre literally increasing the CD for our potions to 5 minutes

“In dungeons, spacing out potion use will place more emphasis on deciding the most important times to use them.”

As healer this will seriously cause big problems in some runs where a couple players cant control themselves and think everything has to be a speed run and it all has to be pulled all at once, lol


I don’t think this is a bad change.

I think you’re jumping the gun here being braced for outrage before you’ve thought it out for yourself.

How is it a bad thing? Like, what negative effect will this cause?


uh…yeah…because thats what all healers do…you know…just to have something to do…not because they burned thru our mana, lol.

Trust me…I heal enough runs where DPS and tanks dont CARE about my mana bar. Making it MORE complicated for me to get back such a small amount of mana isnt going to help anything.

honestly. there doesnt seem to be any point i can make here to clear it up for you personally, so just let it go.


You haven’t made a good point.


I can see why dungeon users wouldn’t like this, but as a raider it’s an upgrade.

Multiple mana pots per boss fight will be welcome.


we’re done…bye bye


Oh ,that a laugh,Op.Use multiple times but 5 minutes on each or is this because of Troghast they were thinking it was useless.

Congrats alchemists, as an engineer I’m not jealous at all.


For the people complaining about mana pots, this will punish those bad players who burn all your mana and pull while you are drinking so they will eventually learn. For raid encounters less than 5 minutes it will decrease damage done since prepotting and potting in P3 won’t work. For progress raiding though this will probably be about the same just a different decision. For M+ I imagine this will be helpful in the long run as people adjust their play around it.


That’s pretty weak but whatever man.


Don’t see a downside, most fights are over 5 minute long, not to mention you can no longer miss a 2nd pot due to someone pre-pulling. You don’t have to waste any time on said potion now because of having to pre-pot, rather than as soon as fight starts