Fistweaver monk


How do you play this spec in BGs? Seems like almost anything can kill me so it’s almost impossible to stay alive.

Can’t stand it. For those that get it to work “in battlegrounds” I’m very proud of you. Just not my thing. I’m always targetted first and CC’d to death and never able to get my melee hits off for heals. And keeping track of the rising sun kick and blackout kick procs is annoying as hell. Only thing I liked was small skirmishes near flags with another player or two. And dealing with rogues was also easier. But other than that it was a miserable experience.

And trying to get faeline stomp to hit my target took more skill than I could muster in a battleground.

Why would anyone bring one to a solo shuffle battleground over a regular caster mistweaver?

I’m pretty sure nobody would. Correct me if I’m wrong since I don’t pvp in this xpac, but AFAIK fistweaver is a second class citizen compared to casting. Bringing a person playing an extremely bad build intentionally of any spec is a bad idea.

A good start would be for Faeline Stomp to be casted on a player rather than the ground. Yea, I know it’s probably a skill issue on my part, but getting it on the target I want is a massive pain with all the endless micro crowd control on me. I could not stay on any target and as soon as I casted something I was countered. It was hilarious yet infuriating trying to make it work in any moderately sized battle.

It worked great in small skirmishes like in an arena setting when I was fighting near flags. So there is some potential. But the fact you are labeled a healer means you really need to pump out the heals in regular battlegrounds or your group is doomed.

Oh, and please nerf hunter damage this week.

You pay attention to your health at all times and react to incoming burst with your fairly strong defensives. You have to pay attention to where you are while also being close enough to cleave on 3 targets for your own healing and for everyone else. AT is also 30y (Increased to 40y next patch. Huuuuuuge buff.) so that’s also a factor.

Playing it in BGs isn’t hard, but it does require a bit of coordination and support to really show out.

They should have a talent that increases the range of their melee attacks so it is slightly more bearable.

I disagree. You already have a powerful ranged AoE slow on an adjustable 10s cooldown with 3 Roll charges and Tiger’s Lust, as well as a general Cleanse. Especially consider a BG setting where there will be areas you can cleave into, while also providing that slow on 5 targets while either chasing or rotating/peeling for your team.