Fishing Pools that aren't accessible

(Amgrod) #1

I’m starting to run into a number of pools that can’t be fished because they’re in a river that’s too shallow to actually be able to cast. Am I missing something or are they just randomly spawning in bad positions? Driving me crazy!


I believe all spawn points are manually placed. There are also some herb and mine nodes that are not accessible due to being in a rock, for example.


I’ve found these to be especially prevalent around the rivers surrounding Brennadam. I’ve also encountered them in Tiragarde Sound in the river flowing from Stormsong Valley. You always either get the error “Your cast didn’t land in fishable water” or “Water too shallow”. You can sometimes find a really awkward angle to fish from where 1 in 5 casts will land in the pool, but that in itself usually only happens with 1 in 5 of these pools. Either way, it makes fishing in these areas next to impossible.

(Amgrod) #4

Is that still the case? I think that was true until BfA - that’s why addons like Gathermate2 don’t have BfA data. At least, I thought that was the case?

Last night putzing around in Tirigarde I found a pool placed directly underneath a boat; I literally had to fish around the pool to catch everything in it. Took like 20 casts to get them all.

You’re right about mining nodes though - I’m also a miner and have had that problem for a long time. It’s just nowhere near as prevalent as the fishing node issue.


I noticed that with sagefish/ greater sagefish nodes. Espicially in duskwallow marsh and wetlands. They spawn in rivers and are not accessable for some reason.

(Amgrod) #6

Interesting - maybe the whole system’s changed. I never noticed this behavior until BfA. Or maybe I fish more than I did back then. :slight_smile:

(Nok) #7

for years now, there have been periodic bugs where resources or mobs were slightly misplaced. Usually they are fixed upon the next restart but in some of the later expansions, it seems they were misplaced initially and never addressed as a bug.