First time WoW player* wondering what do

Hey hey! So I decided to give Classic a solid chunk of my life.
I played the week that the first DLC came out back in the day, but being VERY new to PC gaming, and a total noob at MMOs, I quickly got confused, lost and bored so I ended up playing EvE for a few years.
Cut to now (jebus, 15 years later? 17?) and I’ve played just about every MMO under the sun and they are def my 2nd favorite genre.
Anywhooo… Troll Mage just now heading to Barrens to try at get to level 15 to turn around and head back to Org for that first dungeon; Will I be able to find people to do these low level dungeons with?
I saw maybe six players on my way to Org for the first time; 2 solo and a small group or 4 out on Echo Island…
My first goal is to have fun (so far so good, but I’ve seen this part of the game like 6 times now via private servers and crap over the years) followed by getting my first mount (I CAN get the cool Lizards from the Troll camp where my trainer was, yeah?) and to find people to play with for RPvEvP!
So yeah, what do? Head to Barrens and solo till I’m 15 then pray I can find a group or…?

Thanks in advance;


You will easily be able to form a group for Ragefire Chasm although it may take some effort to gather everyone from in-character meetings though.

If you do not know typing “/join lookingforgroup” will give you access to chat channel a lot of horde use to talk across the world. This is much faster and you can still find people who want to Roleplay by giving your message some RP flair.

Yet another option would be to look around and join a relevant guild! Without a guild most of your leveling will be spent alone at this point.

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Classic is more group/community oriented than later WoW; finding a guild that matches your play style is one of the better ways of experiencing the game. There are a number of great guilds about!


Hey Saikodiewell,

If you are still interested, below is a post from this forum containing a semi-informal Horde RP guild listing. These are great folks who help their lower-level members out quite a lot!

Hope it helps, and that I see you in Azeroth!

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