First Satyr's Shoulders Drop Rate

Literally wtf is up with this drop rate blizzard??? I have done 4 runs a week for the past 2 months and STILL have yet to see these. Not to mention all the kills I have from farming this in previous expansions. WTAF. Fix your drop rates holy hell. Over 50 kills btw. Absolutely insane for a piece of gear.

They have a 0.3 % drop chance. I ran the raid on druid, rogue and demon hunter for a long time before i got them. They are not meant to be easy to get.

Took me around 70+ runs but I finally got them last week thank RNJesus lol.

First Satyr’s are like Tusks and the Za’qul shoulders. Where they are designed to be a rare transmog item first and usable gear (when it was current) second.

You can also get the First Satyrs via Argus by focusing Veiled Argunite into shoulders. You can also get them via coin rolls as well.


took me multiple years of farming on multiple toons each week