First mount that really made you proud?

(Zeropointt) #7

Raven Lord. It was my first “rare” mount. The first mount I actually went after and it dropped.

Edit: I thought it was a flying mount :smiley:

(Kwashiorkor) #8

You and me both. I got it randomly one day when I was just going through the dungeons for “fun”.

(Xillean) #9


96 attempts, and I was really done by that point. I feel for those still grinding a lot higher then I had to.

(Tyriellais) #10

Winterspring Frostsaber, back in Classic.

(Swiftraven) #11

oh man this brings back a sour memory. somebody on their 73 asked me to run them through sethekk for the mount and i agreed out of boredom, assuming it wouldn’t drop (i had been farming it forever myself) and behold, it dropped. being the pushover that i am i didn’t roll on it, a deal was a deal. after we left the instance they mounted on it and were disappointed that it couldn’t fly, so many regrets. i haven’t stepped foot in that dungeon since

(Suacy) #12

for a mount. My level AV 40 wolf mount. took me a long time to save up gold for it and get rep for it. I also have a few others. But she in top 4. I love wolf mounts. can not say why.


It was definitely Ashes. that was the first raid mount i received

(Crocuta) #14

i had the exact same experience lmao

and i really like the raven lord too. he was my very first mount drop ever, and on my second run too

(Zeropointt) #15

But really…I got the Infinite Timereaver last TW. I have no doubt that will be my rarest mount forever and was stunned when it dropped. I’m always popping it and flaring those beautiful, translucent wings :smiley:

(Germies) #16

My original ZA Amani War Bear. I was not in a server first guild back then, but we raided four nights a week and took it seriously. That timer was initially tough and I was the first guildie to win the roll.

For some reason, Blizz changed the mount in BfA, by switching it to the new bear model and removing the flames from the armor. It doesn’t look as good because the new bear model clips with the mount’s armor a lot. But it’s still the only ground mount I ever ride to this day.

(Yayayayayaya) #17

This will sound lame but getting a non-racial mount because I disliked Hawkstriders so much. I had to hand in what felt like 5,000 Runecloth to that one rep NPC back in Wrath just for access to the UD horses.

Since then I’ve gotten pretty awesome RNG mounts like the Infinite Timereaver and currency mounts like the Sunreaver Dragonhawk that make the above pale in comparison.

(Romanna) #18

I’m very fond of my engineering creations. But I am not sure if proud is the right term.

I did feel very good to finally grind the rep for my Netherdrake and even after mounts became ‘shared’ my tendency is to only let my two characters that actually earned one to ride one.

After grinding the quest chain to get Shadowmourne, and not getting Invincible, I was surprised when I got it on ‘accident’ when I did the quest for one of the DK’s hidden appearances and decided to finish Ice Crown. I was so lackadaisical about it that I didn’t even notice until a few days later “Hey! That’s Invincible in your bag!”

(Tsavis) #19

My dreadsteed. I worked so hard earning the gold, and doing the questline for the mount. I was so happy when I got it. I have invincible, I have the hh mount but nothing compares to when I got my dreadsteed.


Getting the Mag’har mountain goat mounts. Took forever to grind the rep to exalted, then I bought the purple goat and rode off.

(Silme) #21

Black War Tiger, back in vanilla when they were hard to get.

(Burgh) #22

Red Proto Drake, and its not even close. Its still the mount I’m proudest of. Got it the day before they nerfed The Oculus. The achievements in there were ridiculous, before they changed how that dungeon worked.

(Talacocheta) #23

My Black War Tiger. It’s the first mount that I ever went for, and it was a grind back then to get it. Hate that it’s gray now from when they “updated” it; like how they changed my dwarf so badly and are now changing my hunter pets to look like things I would never have tamed.

The next mount is the Winterspring Frostsaber that I went for second, when it was the hardest rep grind for a mount in the game. (Before they nerfed the grind, and then later made it super easy to get.) Still love that mount.

(Taurentine) #24

Same. The warbear was the very first mount that I loved and still use till this day. The design really withstood the test of time - never really felt too outdated.

I sort of understand why they updated it, but I love it and hate it at the same time. It’s hard to pinpoint why, but it’s just the way it is, y’know?


Halaa Black Talbuk. Halaa was so much fun in BC.

(Niingdorei) #26

Corrupted Firehawk meta achievement in Firelands. Awesome mount. That was shortly followed by getting a bugged pureblood firehawk at the end of cata.