First impressions of the new Group Finder

It’s not actually. The Retail tool appears to be better. It’s a bad copy with QoL improvements for that tool, removed for Classic, because apparently all Classic players like pushing rocks up hills.


and CC is a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a non-existent fraction of a playerbase.

Your opinion is literally no representative of anyone but your shallow-self.

You have 0 experiences of what Classic is truly like, and I imagine your lil level 70 paladin was probably prot and did a few dungeons… and as a tank you probably had 0 trouble doing that normal shadow labs and think you know what Grouping is like.

Please get off the forums and never type here again.

Could I get your opinion on a post I made on the WotLK Beta forums.

I’m suggesting a fair compromise to the RDF discussion and would like to get the opinions of those for and those against RDF.

Hopefully if enough people see it as a fair compromise the community could have their cake and eat it too, if we can get blizzard to take notice.

It’s almost as if a huge amount of people feel Blizzard isn’t listening, so they keep bringing it up.


The alternative here is what we have in TBCC currently.
People can scream about RDF as much as they want, but until Blizzard changes their mind, we’re getting this new LFG tool instead to replace the old TBC dungeon finder and Bulletin Board add-on.

The goal of this thread was to talk about what could be improved about it, not make it into another RDF appreciation thread.
Need to stop with the scorched earth mentality of RDF and RDF only.
If we’re gonna be stuck with this new LFG, it’s better to at least give feedback on it to make it better than the alternative of having nothing at all.


I’ll just link to my post on the CC forums for that.

I just see it as what issues the RDF was supposed to solve, what problems it added and it’s those problems that I want to see fixed. I don’t necessarily care if it comes in the form of a modified RDF or a completely new solution, I’m opened to anything that isn’t the current TBCC system and I find the stance of “just add RDF” to be the lazy way out and the first step towards going back to retail design where instead of trying to fix issues in the most reasonable way, they just take the path of least resistance, adding things like LFR, Warmode, adding specializations, removing talent trees, streamlining stats, etc.

You know what would improve their crap take on LFG tool… make it like RDF… cause it pretty much solved all the issues.

Let me expound, cause clearly your understanding is limited.

The LFG will not be used unless its like RDF… people will still be using 3rd party addons and spamming Global channels praying they can buy a tank. The elite guilds will continue doing what they are doing and have set 5 man groups until they are done running dungeons and don’t need to run them again.

The only people hurt by no RDF are casual players… literally don’t know how else to put this… LFG tool in Beta addresses none of these issues.


I’m just really glad I will have more control over my groups and will not have to deal with the toxicity of the vote kick system.

I’m really glad blizzard is adding LFG over RDF.

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It’s been 2 weeks since LFD launch on PTR.
Have Blizzard made any adjustments yet?

What can they adjust to make it better besides turning it back into RDF… literally nothing more than can do to it without re-making it from scratch.

And with how many bugs and how much testing they have to do on the rest of the game, they are running out of time to make their Quarter Goals.

But what do you expect when you add a bunch of streamers and friends into a beta, and listen to the wrong “community”.


secretly hoping for retail-like LFG tool…

or at least this


Not that I know of.

If RDF is out then not only I but quite a few old timers I know that came up from Vanilla with me are out on wrath…

RDF helped back then when you need to find a quick group and you were running short on time…It’s what kept us going strong late in wraths cycle…

Side note Council people…look a the likes compared in these comments… more people want RDF…


100% this. The other features may be nice convenience items, but literally the only reason I’m asking for DF is so that I can relatively quickly find a group when I log on, and can quest while I’m waiting. It is exactly what kept me going strong in Wrath during the ICC lull as I ran dungeons on all my alts. Currently in TBC I’m almost never running dungeons.

The new tool doesn’t do anything that the current LFG tool doesn’t do, so I’m not sure why Blizzard thought giving it a facelift would make people want to start using it.

I can list in the tool, and expect no invite.
I can start spamming different folks in the queue to get them to invite me, most often I get rejected.
I can form my own group, which means I’m sitting in the capital refreshing over and over, and spamming chat looking for missing pieces to the team, while not being able to play the game.

None of those options are compelling game play.


So far, from what I have seen of this new tool, I don’t like it.

LFG Bulletin Board addon has much better layout, for what dungeons/etc are being posted, and if they are looking for more, or if they are a looking to join a group.

The new tool does a better job of showing what roles are needed/filled already.

I am still forseeing a lot of standing around in town looking for groups with this new tool, or a general lul in doing dungeons, which makes me sad when there was a much better alternative already in the game, that they chose to remove.


Please add some basic class/role logic if you can. I can queue up as a healer on my warrior…

You have bandages, doesn’t that mean you can heal as a warrior?

New tool sucks. Bring back RDF please.


BE social, lol, pay for a tank. Counter productive. I believe the point is not a matter of being social. I guarantee most people will still only say “Inv”. Also sometimes people play at different times, its this new insane concept. My friends play at night but I have time during the day for a quick dungeon. I will say this On a personal note. I would play ALOT more if I had RDF right now.


So at first I wasn’t sure if I liked this tool or not. But now after spending a few days with it, I would prefer the LFG Bulletin Board addon over this tool any day. This LFG Tool, is hot garbage. Either give us one like the M+ group finding tool from retail, give us back RDF the way it’s supposed to be, or at least keep it how it is in TBC and let us use LFG Bulletin Board addon. Anything is better than this.