First Ever 2700 ^_-

Got my 2700 achievement with my buddies Spacerat and Jah.
Super hyped and had a great time queing with those two.

Peaked at 2758 which was #366 on the ladder.

Final game for my 2700 achievement was vs Original / Borngoodhunt/ cyra which is def favorable mu for us. It was cool getting my 2700 achievement vs the great original since hes one the guys that likes calling me a 2k hardstuck ele . Well this ele just got 2700 unstuck fam thanks ^_-

Shout outs to the teammates first and foremost. Spacerats been the boy forever and always a fun lad to que up with. When he starts yelling its hard to not get excited even tho your playing bfa 3s.

But also the worlds most huge large shoutouts to the homies Drexia / Bolt / Murphy who always do what they can to help me improve in the game.

Bolt and Drexia spend a lot of time calling me awful at the game and tell me whats needed to be improved on to get past 2k cr as elemental shaman. I super appreciate your guys support <3 you are the best friends a guy could ask for in this game. Ill Never forget the help you guys have provided me to improve at the game and keep me gassed up even tho im awful. <3

Id also like to thank both the Church of Earth Shock and Nzoth for the new gushings. I randomly learned how to do unhealable dmg overnight with my gushings. ^_-

Bote Goat
Defender of NA LAdder
#1 Ele NA
Big Badge Wolf
Mother of Dragons
Founder of the Church of earth shock

SIgning out ^_-

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Huge gratz man! I remember getting my first 2700; it feels REALLY good to beat the big streamers you always watched. Massive congratulations.


YES real mad i was asleep when u crossed the line MAN caught the last couple games dude :+1:

i’m not going to bring up how ricki getting 2700 playing ele is nothing like you accidentally winning games as guardian and now in a post guardian world you’re stuck 2200 playing a t1 comp and derail this thread but shut up loser


derail away fam. These posts are prime forum meme material

We won 3 games in a row to get it including this cross kill on RMx and 2v2


nice, thats awesome! im hardstuck 1800 at 475 lol

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Sounds like you’re bringing it up! DW tho, I’ll get 2700 again this season without playing a tank :slight_smile:

bringing what up, that you played a tank spec to a rating 1000 higher than ud ever been in ur life then made the cringiest comment i’ve ever seen about how exciting beating streamers was?
and now you’re 1000 rating below where you were with that tank spec on week 30 of the season?

just edit your original post so i dont have to cyberbully you jfc

i genuinely hope so

there’s 20 more weeks for this season to inflate
we’re already nearly at the point where over 2700 RIGHT NOW would be 0.5% glad

i dont even know if your 2200cr would have been rival in a %tile world

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I dunno, I think this one takes the cake. Unironically bashing people for being proud of their accomplishments is arguably the most pathetic thing I’ve seen on these forums and that’s wild considering jinluz trolls every comment.

Not sure why you’re so jaded; let people enjoy things.

ACTUALLY made me LOL XD Hope it makes you happy, bud! Not sure why you’re so salty, but I don’t think I care.

ur gross

stickiriikii accomplished something

you didnt accomplish anything you took advantage of a gamebreaking exploit and are patting yourself on the back

CONNNNGRATULATIONS!!! i also wish i had been there for the BIG ACHIEVEMENT and i’m so sad i missed it! :sob:

beyond well-deserved, and so so happy for our bote goat!


is this argument actually serious i cant tell

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Ya he

by Qing with a warlock; the most broken spec in the history of the game!

Not trying to pat myself on the back tho; sorry if it came across as such. Just commenting on the feeling of beating “famous” good players is always fun and satisfying. I’m just happy for the guy! You should try it instead of being so… Dark all the time :slight_smile:

I think he’s serious because he hasn’t forum bullied anyone in a few hours and it’s the only thing that makes him happy, but I’m not too bugged by it. Big GZ to Sticki!

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guardian was just a better destro last season ur trolllllllllllllllllllllllllllling

if you qd moonkin/feral destro i would congratulate you too
that would be an accomplishment

you can take advantage whatever you want regardless just don’t act like you earned or accomplished anything and don’t word it “i remember my first” like the tank spec you played a handful of months ago wasn’t the only time you’d ever or will ever see rating

no problem thank you for correcting that :slight_smile:

i am too ! ricki SLAPS hard

Congrats man. Thats gotta be a great feeling.

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You think so? IIRC there were 0 R1 bears and several destro locks. And most bears had super poor w/r above 2400. Not trying to justify Guardian druid; it was stupid and I’m glad it’s nerfed and gone. I just genuinely think warlock is way more oppressive-I’d rather fight guardian druid every game now than a single double destro team.

Yeah for sure! Guardian 2700 vastly different from ele sham 2700 because sham actually gets punished for mistakes b4 15 minutes.

You think so? I feel like Qing with a multi R1 healer and a destro lock is free 2700 for just about anyone o.O But we can revisit that later if/when I get that rating :slight_smile:

Agreed. The church of earthshock is proud.

Were you running that BoTE 1 shot meme build all the way up? No hate just curious

Trash you really need a life dude. I can smell your sweaty try hard Neckbeard goo from here. Just say grats to op and leave it. No need to bully anyone it just makes you look weak


Naw i played 8 gushings and then 9 gushings as i got my last one mid que sesh.

Nobody likes queing with bote 1 shots and trying to find a team for R1 possibly so needed to play more what others wanted.

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easiest clap riki/drexia dream team ???