Firelands Timewalking has Begun


Step into Firelands?

I’ll have to…


…hot-foot it over there!



Fire fire fire fire.


I prefer doing mythic+ but okay I’ll wear some nice fire proof armor.

Is that your sole joke?

You toe-tally … nailed it.


Still waiting for a Ragnaros style cereal named after the Ragnar-o’s Achievement. By Fibre be purged!


I’d fall head over heels for this joke, but I feel like something else is afoot.


I’m too scared to go I forgot all the fights completely. They’ll all yell and me and call me names.

Do the mounts have a chance to drop in TW?

Well, that’ll teach me to stick my foot in my mouth.


plays Disco Inferno on the 8-track

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Another raid timewalking being added? Too soon…

JK love the addition of em=).

“During Cataclysm Timewalking, you can assemble a raid group of between 1 and 30 players to step into the molten domain of Ragnaros. Don’t have a regular group? The Group Finder (I) can help. Create your own group in the Premade Groups section or search for like-minded adventurers.”

So,it means we can just go solo it on TW?

Beth’tilac, usually 1st boss is hitting pretty hard for being a TW raid. Even Ulduar is easier.

Hot dog!


Considering the decrease in participation with Ulduar TW raid, the “lower” ilvl rewards if you get gear (415), the time spent, the difficulty and depending on others to not quit after 1 silly wipe on trash for an honest mistake…

I think it’s time to up the reward for the TW raids if you want participation or for it to be popular. I mean…Everyone was fine with it being 25H, 25N, 10H, 10N, but now…it’s always 10 when you solo it normally. As of right now, this minute, there are no groups listed in premades for the TW raid.

There are reasons I guess though, but still, Beth’tilac encounter is wiping people.

Awesome to see we can do Firelands as Timewalking now. Firelands was one of my favorite raids to run back in Cataclysm.

Honestly I feel that the quest to do the Timewalking raids should reward a heroic raid piece, like how doing 5 TW dungeons gives you a normal piece.

500 badges and a chance of 415 ilvl loot per boss is not worth it. Only reason why BT seems a lot of activity during TBC timewalking is due to the achievement that allows DH’s the ability to tmog into the warglaives. (which will be made useless next patch).