Fire mage soloing 2s

A fire mage (474 ilevel) just soloed me (472) and another ret pally (478) in 2s. Why am I even playing this game?


Rock beats scissors

Seems fine to me :man_shrugging:t2:

In wow rock also beats paper and other rocks.


Did you guys bubble combust or something? Fire Mage is def obnoxious but not sure what y’all did and how y’all lost.

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Seriously you can’t be serious, 2ret with ton of utility/healing/immunity dying to 1 guy…

Even if combust is insane he can’t kill 2guy with it and you guys can steamroll this guy whenever you want


Honestly I could see it. One gets sheeped the other is gpy’d. He pops wings and gets sheeped. Bubbles cuz why not 2v1. Guy ice blocks. Bubble is over gets combusted on and flops. Now it’s a Fire Mage vs Ret 1v1 and we all know who is coming out on top here.

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Hum no, even if you play like a baboon you can’t loose this 2v1 or you have to be terrible or don’t know anything about arenas

If they both bubbled the opener when the opposing team didn’t press any cooldowns, and if they popped every cd in the book including freedom, I can see them losing the 2v1.

The fire mage could prob pop combust on one ret and one shot him through that, then if the other ret has freedom on cd, and about 1 minute for aw and no stacks for the other mini aw, then he’s prob dead.

This is what I’m assuming

ya seems like op sucked big in this game


But tbh you have to try way hatder to loose than winning but like I said they probably have no clue about arenas at this point and the mage know how to play against and correctly.

If you ever get 1v2d in this game you’re prob not as good as you think you are…


lol yeah i mean not saying it should have happened i just could easily see how it might play out by making a couple dumb mistakes

I think youd have to make more than a couple mistakes to lose 1v2 to a equally geared mage as 2 rets who can heal each other.

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yeah idk maybe i can easily die to a fire mage from combust alone through shield of vengeance. all it takes is not being by a pillar to los or having bubble. then theres 1 dead ret and its 1v1.

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I can see that in a regular game but what other reason would they have to bubble besides combust? They severely misplayed to lose that.

No argument here.

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I think fire mage is probably one of the best specs at being able to 1v2. Few other specs have the mix of control and massive burst that fire can potentially pull with nova/sheep/ring and then gpie combust. There’s a reason Xaryu 1v2s exist.

Also worth noting if you get 1v2’d by any spec you did something wrong. Mage does well into ret but if it was fresh out of the gates 1v2 you guys should have won. I’d focus more on analyzing the gameplay on this one vs. complaining about fire mage tbh. My guess is you guys (1) used bubble at a really bad time (2) weren’t playing trinket or trinketed something really weird and (3) didn’t play around any strengths your class has while entirely playing into fire strengths (i.e. bubbles/trinkets being down but rushing into the open together, close enough to be double DB’d/rung and then bursted on).


Can you name those TONS of utility-healing-immunity that rets have?


as much as i hate fire mages… sounds like a skill issue.