Fire Mage SKB only getting 7 Hot Streaks

3.fireblast x2 (before fireball cast hits)
4.pyroblast x2
5.phoenix flames
9.phoenix flames
13.phoenix flames

Is this the correct opener? should i be getting 8 hot streaks b/c im only getting 7 of them with this. Am I missing something? I’m back to the game after 7 years at least not playing and i’m running into this problem.

Any help from Fire mages much much appreciated!

Non-tier set, 7 SKB stacks and one heating up inside combustion seems about right. You can get the full 8 SKB stacks though if you are Venthyr casting Mirrors of Torment before the fireball and combustion however I’m not sure what the haste threshold is. I ran the sim at 29% haste.

Which covenant are you?

Why not open with a Pyroblast? and activate combustion right before you finish casting. Benefit from the combustion and rune of power (if youve chosen rune of power). That way your first spell autocrits, and you only need 1x fire blast to get that auto Pyro. Lets you save that other charge of Fireblast

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  1. Pyroblast
  2. Activate Combustion before Pyro finishes casting (Pyro auto crits)
  3. Fire Blast (hot streak)
  4. Pyro (Instant)