Fire mage LF Raid/M+ guild

Hey all, I’m looking to main fire mage for the rest of this and into the next expansion.

I’m AoTC in every raid from WoD to BFA, was also 9/11M antorus when it was current.

I can do raid any days/times (I’m on server time +10), currently need to gear up a bit as I just dinged 120 today but I’ve already gotten close to 440ilv expecting to be 460-470 ilvl within the next 1-2 weeks.

If you’re interested in adding a mage to your roster can post here or add me on bnet: QueenEtna#11874 or my disc: QueenEtna#1111

Hello All,

is a recently founded guild, consisting of groups of friends and family members that look forward to progressing and having fun together! We have team members from many regions, with an emphasis towards Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

We are currently farming Heroic BFA Raids (12/12H) weekly and looking to progress to Mythic Raids once we have enough members.

Raid Timings
Wednesday and Friday - 11pm - 2am st (9pm - 12am, GMT+8)

Besides raiding, we love doing M+ Keys, Mount Farm Runs, Pvp + Battlegrounds together in the guild!

We are looking for all DPS/Healer classes to fill up our core team! Any new casual players are more than welcome to apply as well!

You may add me or any officers through ingame or battlenet if you are interested.


Thank you and we look forward to chatting with you soon.

Best Regards,

Guild Name: Of Cabbages and Kings
Faction: Horde
Server: Barthilas
Raid Times: Sun/Mon 830-1030 SVT

Of Cabbages and Kings is looking to build its member base in the lead up to Shadowlands. We are an older group and predominantly from the Aus east coast. Discord based we are looking to build a small (15-16 people) norm/heroic raid team for Shadowlands and perhaps some late BFA raiding. Raiding will be twice a week, schedule Sunday and Monday 830 - 1030 svt. We also enjoy a mix of dungeons, M+, achievements and occasional pvp.

At this stage we are looking to recruit the right people to get the right team fit. We are looking for active players to fill our m+ roles and possibly to
do some late BFA raiding. We are currently looking for more heavy hitters both ranged and melee

Non max lvl applicants also welcome as we are predominantly building for SL.

If interested please contact Priaris in game or hit me up on discord: Arystyn#5160