Fire mage, fire orbs cosmetic

Can we please get felo’melorns cosmetic effect back now that Phoenix flames is now an ability?

I used to play fire mage back in legion and loved how you got fire orbs that swirled around on top of your head when you had the artifact equipped.

You could make it a glyph that attaches to Phoenix flames. I know it’s not hard. You can keep them one color that’s fine. Please developers?


Yes. Bring them back. Why they got removed is stupid. Pure cosmetic that effected nothing and poof gone.


Oh, this reminds me I keep meaning to buy the Warlock glyph that shows the shards over my head.

grumble grumble warlocks :unamused:

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Hell yeah. One orb per PF charge. That’d be rad as hell.


Almost as if that’s what the orbs were for :thinking:

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But if that’s what they were for and it was brought back, wouldn’t it affect gameplay and not be a simple cosmetic?

How do you mean?

He means three orbs means you have theee Phoenix charges available. It’s a tell. It tells players especially in pvp you have full burst ready to throw at them.

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Or they could just have it show only for the user. Pretty sure they have that tech to make certain cosmetics only show for the person who is actually using it just like many toys do right now.

Well I guess. But warlocks have a similar thing with their soul shards.

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Well. You’d want to turn it off in pvp. Pve, it is a nice cosmetic to have. I loved it, it showed that we are masters of our craft. I really want it back. I feel like something is missing from fire ever since it was introduced in legion.