Fire mage DPS in dungeons

Is anyone else not coming close to other people in DPS? I’m just running mythic +2’s and even heroics and can’t even compare. My ilvl is 222, and I’m pretty sure I have the rotation down. Any thoughts would be really appreciated!

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Im 260 ilevel and compared to a destro lock at equal ilevel i get destroyed in aoe. Though for my build i built it for single target with sun kings blessing and venthyr covenant. I do good burst but bad sustained.

Fire is pretty difficult to play properly and at 222 item level you are low for mythic 2s even so don’t expect your dps to be great until you get some more gear.

Sun King’s is actually pretty good, but if you’re not playing Night Fae then you are likely never going to do competitive AoE damage as Fire.

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yeah, i figured that. I’m always at the bottom with 4.6, maybe 5k aoe packs at 263 ilevel. On single target bosses I’m bursting for 13k dropping down to 8-9k dps sustained.