Fire mage aoe rotation help

Hey all, looking for help on how to aoe in dungeons and such, pre-shadowlands content. No covenant or legendaries. Am I suppose to just spam fireball for a hot streak and flamestrike at 4+ targets? At my current level I only have 1 charge of fire blast and 2 charges of phoenix flames.

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After tonight i dont think ill ever play my mage again. All the hard work i put in to only pull 6k on jailer before dying on phase 1 and my group killing it made me log out and almost quit wow… i played daily doing every thing i could to pull good dps.
.i feel like i failed at fire.

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All mage specs are in a tough place right now, your better off playing a warlock they are far superior in every way right now


Reroll Destro lock. That’s your help.

At your level just spamming flamestrike is fine enough. It will get better later on when you hit end game content.

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