Fire Ammonite stress

So I’m grinding for the Draenor Angler Achievement and currently working on getting 100 of the enormous fire ammonite fish but every pool I go to it says I can’t reach or water is too shallow. Anyone have any tips or tricks? Cuz clearly I am in need of a flipping wizard 'cause I keep trying different angles, constant clicking the fishing pole shortcut I have on my action bar, sometimes it will automatically find the right spot where I’m standing to start fishing, but no luck.
Appreciate any help!
Thank you!

For giggles:

  1. Unlock flying in Draenor.
  2. Level a monk and learn the flying meditation cloud ability. It allows you to fly, but at normal movement speed.
  3. Fly/float about the fishing spot you want to reach, and begin fishing while your meditation cloud is still active (it’s the only flying mechanism in the game that I know of which allows you to fish while flying).

Otherwise, you can get the fish in lava in general, doesn’t have to be out of a fishing pool. A little more RNG heavy to do it that way, but it shouldn’t be too bad.