Fingers crossed for sunny days!

BFA and SL really drained me with characterizations, everyone was sad, upset, down and out. Everyone has trauma, every story felt like it was about trauma.

Thrall was defeated, Tyrande was angry, Baine was lost, Anduin was and still is depressed, Talia was upset, Bolvar was regretful, Calia was doubtful, Uther was hurt, Sylvanas was… Sylvanas and that’s just me scartching the surface of so many other characters that had similar treatment. The entire zone of Ardenweald was just, sad.

BFA and SL were just depressing expansions to play through.

I’m all for war and conflict, exciting moments of battle and heroism, it’s just that lately everything felt like a pyrrhic victory.

When I saw the latest cinematic my first impressions was that it’s too Pixar/childish like. Then I watched it again and actually smiled when I saw the Troll and Dwarf laugh and smile, I’ve forgotten the last time people were happy in Warcraft. I’m actually looking forward to a more uplifting expansion based on lost history, exploration and training our dragons. It already feels different in tone than the previous, what? Four expansions?

I’m not saying EVERYTHING should be sunshine and rainbows, just much, much less cloudy because as a Shaman, I already have the meatballs. :spaghetti:


The last cinematic was very classic/TBC era in its design, full of action shots and call to adventure. There was no big narrative moment, no story twist where you go “SHE DID WHAT TO THE CROWN OF DOMINATION?!”

…It was nice.