<Final Boss> Hardcore/Loot Council - Recruitment thread

<Final Boss> Grobbulus-NA/Horde/Hardcore/Loot Council/PvP
Realm First MC Clear - World 16th~/US 9th~ Realm First Azuregos/Kazzak - Horde First Onyxia Clear

<Final Boss> is a guild that has been playing together for over 12 years. We’re looking for Hardcore and Semi-hardcore players to fill out our roster.

classic.warcraftlogs /guild/rankings/475850/latest/

Times and Days

Team 1/Team 2 - 9 PM to 12 AM EST Mon/Tues - 2 weeks off/on

Team 3 - 9 PM to 12 AM EST Weds

Team 4 - 7 PM to 10 PM EST Sun

Class - Spec - Demand Level

Druid - Resto - Low

Druid - Feral - Medium

Hunter - N/A - Low

Mage - N/A - High

Priest - Holy - High

Priest - Shadow - Closed

Rogue - N/A - Low

Shaman - Resto - High

Warlock - N/A - High

Warrior - Prot - Low

Warrior - Fury - High``

:small_orange_diamond: What we’re looking for PvE: Solid players who are interested in pushing content while also being afforded the option of a flexible raid schedule.

:small_orange_diamond: What we are looking for PvP: Serious players who are looking to push ranks early and either know the Honor system or are willing to learn it.

Message me on Discord or Battlenet for an interview.

Discord - kurthos#8372
Battlenet - Kurthos#1604


you son of a birch, I’m in


US top 50 clear times, class coaching and log review sessions, and data based loot council and placement decisions. Final Boss will help you get the most out of your Classic experience.

Got alot of people starting to raid log/take a break from the game which means openings for raid spots. Step up and into some epics.

Seeking Big Chad warriors and Shaman

The Rend God approves of this message.

Keep pushing for more RP in your members! We love seeing you guys get your zug on.

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Oogh RP is that Oogh is Oogh

Alright legit recruiting someone to help me write out my RP profile, inquire today

This guild let me take tank loot, get with it boys

Most important is your character motivation. WHAT does Oogh like and what amount of suffering will Oogh endure to get what he likes? Once you have defined your LIKES (motivation) and DISLIKES (things that cause you, personally, pain), the palette of your painting has been chosen.

The next step is to put those paints to work to create the history which has led to your characters motivation. This can be elegant. Or, it can be savage. For starters, you must decide: Did Oogh name Oogh, or did Ooghs parents name Oogh? The answer to this question will reveal much.

For more RP coaching I require the modest gift of a Vis’kag so that I may increase the efficiency of my labor as I defend the Peons exploited by capitalist Alliance Filth.

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Happy thanksgrobbing

Various raid groups available to suit a variety of playstyles. We have practice groups for learning the raid, pug groups for rolling on off pieces, speedrun groups for parsing and tryhards and even GDKP groups for those spicy high rollers. However you want to play, Final Boss can be a fit for you.

Come get your logs reviewed by a guy with 1 eyeball

If Final Boss participated in RP they’d truly be the #1 guild on Grob. You got the PvE and PvP chops, now let’s see you dominate the RP scene!

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Currently trying to work out some of my RP, its tough not to just write a complete edgelord

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kzzt oogh requesting a bumparino please kzzt

theorycrafting the crap out of the game doesn’t sound like fun

interesting. Final Boss has allies fluffing them. why would you do that?

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You can play however you like my man. We have casual dudes who just like to farm gold and hit up GDKP runs for phat loot and do some pvp for honor