Fighting DKs as lock

My favorite part of being a Warlock in Shadowlands is fighting a DK and porting when they use abomb limb, then using netherward and reflecting their death grip then getting gripped to them through reflect by slappy hands. Because screw my outplay I guess. They’re literally afk and their pets win for them, they do nothing the entire fight. Literally everything that you could do before to win a fight against a DK as a destro lock is almost 100% irrelevant now because blizzard made the game bad player friendly, I mean just look at hunters :slightly_smiling_face:


Ugh I know!

I use my mobility, counter his anti mobility, and then passive anti mobility cucks me, wtf is this game


See this guy gets it

Welcome to anything vs dk, best to just sit there and take it like the good lock player you are :slight_smile:


Having mained both classes for years. DK’s are usually going to have an advantage over you if they’re at all competent, they’re designed to be anti spell caster. Them’s the breaks. With lock being so slow in pvp, this makes it especially rough for warlocks. I do think Warlock’s being the wheel chair turrent in pvp is an outdated design and honestly isn’t that fun to play with.

Demonology does the best against them though in my experience since a lot of the damage is coming from your pet which is physical and consistent so they can’t mitigate it as much.


But it doesn’t work that way so it’s not an outplay? If you port los just keep running pillar. Dk is pretty useless outside of slappy hands. Locks actually have one of the best counters to it as other mobility CDs just get insta grabbed back.

Now if you were complaining about spell ward I’d understand. (Also I’m no longer a DK lol).

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Spell ward is actually bullshít LMAO :rofl::rofl: but this was in a 1v1 scenario

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Yeah DK is already anti caster w/o it. Makes zero sense that Blizzard put it in their tool kit lol… Like give them something anti melee instead?

Hmmm I have yet to do this as warlock. I imagine it’s not fun into dk lol… Especially if you don’t get to pre place port. Slappy hands is a skillful ability.

It’s a very skill based matchup for the warlock, at least it used to be, I gotta play perfect to win now. Absolutely 0 mistakes

I’m not sure in what world you think you’re outplaying a dk by walking into line during abom limb

Yeah you’re at a disadvantage but you made an error and lost


What a bizarre post. This is not an outplay as it didn’t work out for you and has 0% chance to ever work out for you because of how the abilities you listed work. This really is one of those cases of “learn your class better”


Warlock isn’t exactly a class with a toolkit to do well in 1v1 after they mutilated it in BfA in revenge over Legion.

The duelist caster is always going to be mage, just as the duelist melee is always going to be rogue.

Damage avoidance and mobility+CC rule the kit, and after they went and left Unending Resolve immunity to interrupts a 3 min cd, removed casting circle by making it replace UR, nerfed life drain, nerfed the damage debuff life drain applies, nerfed the cast time on shadow fury, and removed spells like dark regeneration and made demonskin compete with dark pact, it means warlocks are a lot less durable and much less capable of drain tanking. Destruction suffers the most from this as it’s the warlock’s turret spec with the most cast times and least mobility.

You would think more immobile casters would be given more self sustain or interrupt immunity tools/disarms, but you are wrong and essentially Blizzard is on its neverending love affair between rogue and mage as they have an arms race where the less mobile casters get punished for the sins of frost and fire mages while the melee pay for the abject dominance of rogues.


Simmer down Brandon, DKs have historically always had an edge on casters.

How is a DK attacking you? I’ve been playing shadowlands since the start and players have never been able to randomly attack me during boss fights, m+, etc.

when are you gonna be in charge of warlock class design again? or are you not the real Xelnath?

Dude Brandon, Id give anything to have Xalnath back on the Lock dev team!

He was the reason for a LOT of good Lock spells/abilities.

how tf you know my name though? thats the question

I feel like this right what you are saying the removed the fel armor and made us alot more squishy and it makes no sense at. Its like they just hate warlocks and will not provide any of the tools we need to survive.

You play guitar right? Ibanez maybe?

abom limb is legit a bs spell and needs to be removed