Few questions for Ferals

To my understanding, bleeds right now scale with Haste in terms of ticking speed (or smt). And I know even though Haste is not an important stat for Feral, having the Troll racial can help a lot in burst windows, right? And is it still going to work like that in Dragonflight?

I ask this because I’m tempted to main Feral in DF, but I’m having trouble picking a race. I was HM Tauren but I’m between Night Elf or Troll for a race change. Shadowmeld is awesome, but I’m a horde enjoyer so if I’m giving up the utility of SM at least I want a cool racial.

Any other race recomendation is welcome, thanks for the read.

Worgen, so you also have a human form and worgen form ontop of all the druid forms.
Everyone knows a druid wins the game by transforming into more things then another druid. :slight_smile:

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Hmm I would say it depends on the scenerio, I could see the troll racial being really good for a bleed build. As I hear DF we don’t really much in the way of energy issues.

But the increased bleed ticks would be nice in an AoE scenerio, the only thing I don’t know if like crit there is a haste cap. But if you are more set on troll/horde I would say make one of them, at the end of the day racials usually aren’t the deciding factor it’s the player.

I hope you wind up enjoying feral though.

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The NE racials are so good they’ll be the best pvp/pve race, right?


NE right now is far and away the best pve Feral race because shadowmeld lets you stealth empower a rake, never mind the fantastic quality of life thats shadowmelding into Prowl.

In DF, this might be way less important if you’re putting a point into Sudden Ambush. DF also might see Haste make a play for being a stronger stat with more of the focus shifting to bleeds and everyone having access to PW and Circle, but it’s too soon to tell. There’s certainly nothing wrong with Horde Ferals (other than the smell).


If you’re torn for performance between racials, then Night Elf is generally the best pick because of Shadowmeld. This will especially be true if you take double rake.

But if you want to stay horde then I would pick your race depending on what you like doing more. M+ I would go Tauren for stomp and crit damage. For raid I would go Troll or Tauren. Both are pretty equal.

Best of luck! :+1:

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night elves shadowmelding into flight form in warmode is unparalleled.

and you can shadowmeld > prowl in a boss fight before a wipe to res.

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I love my haymaker!

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Kind of. It was really nice when berserk was a monstrously powerful cooldown and you could further amp it with troll racial but now berserk is so small (outside of sickle) that amping it doesnt really feel worthwhile.