Ferals gotta see this

Go watch Snups stream and look at the swiftmends for 2mil healing and the 960k reguvs. Go get your glad!

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It’s not happening for everyone which is odd… buff is noticeable but mine arent doing that lol

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Can’t log on because I’m driving home, but that’s funny. Probably a bug and the servers will come down for a hotfix before I get home to try it LOL.

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Snap im working still lol time to change from boomie to feral after i get home

its damage spells too. boomy convoke wiping out 6 people

Hotfix now??

No one reason why I have to kill another healer in arenas…

i hope so… one feral can heal an entire solo shuff

It started happening to my Feral after zoning in to Korthia of all places, a quick relog fixed it, it was 140k Regrowths on mine.

I recall a similar bug happening in late WoD where a bunch of people suddenly started hitting 3x their normal damage and relogging fixed it back then.
Yes people got banned for abusing it so if it’s happening to you now don’t think about abusing this very obvious bug or you will 100% get banned and rolled back.

Impacts adaptive swarm too.
Id strongly recommend against abusing this, you WILL get banned.


i have no intentions at all.

I’m thinking Shadowlands zones are what’s causing it to happen, each time I zone in to one my numbers get re-bugged, logging out and in fixes it again.

Snupys at Gurubashi right now and its doubling everytime you zone a dungeon

Oh no, I can’t play Druid at all now

Though something was off. Confirming that Adaptive Swarm and any heals I have are bugged, doing absurd amounts of damage heals, increasing after each Solo Shuffle I did. Will be avoiding rated activities until this is fixed.

i wouldnt risk it

People abusing 700k surges as feral

430k Adaptive Swarm ticks.

Seems legit.

Maybe this is our reward for being stomped on this entire expansion.

Welcome to Feral week.

if they logout they lose it