Feral survivability/pvp

feral needs a big survivability buff in pvp, we flop if we get looked at


We are squishy as always, but verse is pretty easy to stack now. Unfortunately, your 2-piece has no verse though.

For Tier Set, we should try for Hands and Shoulder first since these both have verse after being converted into Tier.

Also worth noting is that Green PVP gear scales very high in PVP so it is best to wear that instead of Hellbloom when in doubt.

i’m very familiar with pvp and verse frend but feral is just way to squish compared to previous itterations


Yea, went 1-12 in shuffle today after sitting for 40 min each queue. Died almost every round through wall and barkskin. Can’t really kite since every melee has infinite mobility and even if I can get away to heal myself our heals are trash. I mean why does a warrior outheal a hybrid???


idk wtf is going on at blizz but people need to actually do their jobs

A big survivability buff in pve is also needed. Check WCL, specs that have the most deaths are balance (#1) and feral (#2).

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Druids have had garbage defensive for ages and Blizzard thinks being able to shapeshift out of roots justifies the awful defensives and heals for balance and feral druids.


feral survivability went from insane in SL ssn 1 to non-existant now…75 rounds of nerfs made ferals not being hybrids anymore (your heals do essentially nothing in pvp) and at the same time being passively squishy…its easily the worst spec in the game in terms of defensives rn, which is crazy if u think about it since ferals are supposed to be hybrids…which is just not the case this expac…

always bottom healing after arena match, getting outhealed by everything, all pure dps specs etc…when i see a rogue healing more than a feral, thats just sad…i dont care what crazy “friction” you are gonna come up with, should simply never be the case…ferals, rets, shamans are supposed to heal more than rogues, warriors, etc…no buts, ifs and other copes/excuses


As a hybrid, feral now heals less than a pure dps rogue, dh, lock, fury warrior. This list goes on.

It’s just unimaginable how badly the designers hate druids. They obviously collected the data about how many deaths dps druids have in raid or M+, but they will just keep ignoring them


The best part is shifting into bear thinking that will do something. When you still die and can’t do your damage rotation lol.


Yea, and a death knight using death strike can consistently heal more than feral.

Yea, but those shapeshifts require global cooldowns. So the moment you break that snare with a shapeshift, you will immediately be snared again. So it’s not really a major advantage to break a snare

Exactly, I was being sarcastic.

I mean, look at shaman ghost wolf. 60% movement speed when talented, usable indoors, mail armor levels. Cannot be reduced below base movement speed.

Travel form in the meantime cannot be used indoors for some crazy reason, you’re stuck with a 30% movement speed cat form, with leather armor, and a whopping 2 minute cooldown 60% dash when rogues sit on the same dash at half the cooldown.

Shapeshifting is completely overvalued by Blizzard balancing. Off-spec shapeshifts are pretty bad.

Shifting into bear is only chronic suicide. If you don’t do dmg, mobs/boss will take longer to kill, and they will do more dmg to you, and you need to shift into bear more, which is a dead cycle


bump bc feral still squish and does negative healing


they legit train us through bear form and surival instinct lol


Feral Bear survivability is actually slightly better than Boomy’s if you take all the relevant PvP talents which is of course a bad spot, meanwhile Celestial Guardian was nerfed as well. Druids could really use some defensive buffs in the insanity of the DF pacing and metas. I would start with Thick Hide, maybe buff the Barkskin absorb somehow or raise it to 25%, and look into the Feral regrowth values and damage reduction talent.

In general, I think one of DF’s biggest issues for Druids in particular is how spammy finishers feel, both for damage and healing. I think the unprunings resulted in uneven balancing but also a problem of resource overabundance. I liked how starsurge and regrowth felt in BfA. I think that could be extended to the Feral rotation as well. You don’t need as many resources if finishers feel more meaningful. IMO every class feels like an uber-version of itself for no reason, and any class bursting all the time and being anywhere they want make even the slight imbalances into miseries. Feral def needs help in the defensive department, but I think the class could use a slight tap on the breaks, put more weight into Boomy casting Wrath and more expensive / harder hitting Starsurge, and Feral being scarier with the bleeds and finisher, and much more self-reliant with the subsequent selfheal. I think simple talent adjustments can fix all of this.

Also, damaging into Survival Instincts should 100% feel like a mistake.

Survival instincts should also heal you for all the damage you take during it to force people to not attack. Or it could give you rapid cooldown reduction on all your other abilities if being attacked during it. Form shifting should have never been put on the GCD (dumbest thing they have ever done to the class) cos it just makes it horribly clunky to play. Healing touch should have never been replaced with Regrowth. Regrowth 40% crit chance if already under the effect of Regrowth should never of been removed.


in legion we had 2 charges of SI and they lasted 8 or 12 seconds each
no barkskin tho

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bump bc the spec is still hot garbage