Feral ST DPS

Is feral really that bad for raiding? AOE fights - AWESOME - Single target fights: Not so much. Whats the trick? (other than roll boomy)

What’s your goal? Be a top parser against other Druids? Having a spec that’s viable for top 1% content? Viability is relative to what you’re doing or trying to accomplish.

Feral ST is straightforward if you have good DoT-tracking WeakAuras. Then it’s just “don’t refresh snapshotted dots” and “refresh dots in the pandemic window”

Luxthos’s WAs make it easy: https://wago.io/LuxthosDruidDragonflight


I was struggling with ST too, but now I’m finally doing well in my raid group, often topping the meter on heroic and mythic Kazzara. Make sure you’re in a pure ST spec for most of the raid fights and look at your stats. Make sure you don’t have too much crit or something. Changing up my gems and enchants helped quite a bit too.


super helpful thank you!

I see you have 4 loadouts for Feral. Which one are you using for your Mythic+ runs?