Feral Specialization, Swipe Missing?

Hi, sorry if this is mega-noob but i’m trying to play feral a bit and i’m noticing it’s missing Swipe. Only in Feral spec.

In Guardian and the rest, it’s there, but when i’m in Feral Spec, swipe is missing.
Is that normal? I just noticed it today.

The fact that you spent time to make a thread instead of using that time to look at your talents is wild.


I’ve been clicking all the talents just to check something. My apologies. I found the talent that swapped it out.

I’ve been dealing with a 2 month old puppy that has no patience. Go easy on me, i’ve slept 3 hours a day for a week. :smile:

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Do you have brutal slash talented. It replaces swipe for feral if you talented into it.


Did you see that post of the guy asking about how to apply Rip without Primal Wrath? People dont take 5 min to look at their abilities before asking in the forums.

Imagine a forum where those who can’t be bothered by clearly noob questions didn’t bother.