Feral Regrowth in PVP Heals for Zero

My health bar barely moves when I press Regrowth in feral spec in pvp. Why…. May as well delete the spell from feral if you’re going to leave it scaled to last expansion gear levels. This is why feral just dies when you look at it in pvp


Yeaaa. It’s a sentiment that has been brought up ad nauseum at this point. We can only hope that our Lord and Savior Blizzard hears our prayers :pray:

You don’t like getting out healed by warriors?


A major problem is all the whiteknighting being done…people replying to newbies that feral is an amazing hybrid with amazing offheals…

The devs only read what they care to and see the whiteknighters and consider themself happy with the current state.

druid cc hasnt been updated in over a decade & is outperformed by everyone, and the hybrid part has been watered down to non-existence on all specs.

Not sure where they are going with this ^^

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I don’t use procs for regrowth anymore. It’s almost always better to use the insta entangling root than the free regrowth.

It actually prevents more damage than the regrowth heals for.

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I was watching Ven’s stream the other day and didn’t realize just how much healing and damage reduction warriors actually have compared to feral. It’s hilarious.

while just doing their pve dps rotation…

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I wonder if they balance by simply doing some kind of calculation like “Ferals can get X finishers off per minute in a PVE environment, multiply that by X Regrowths, which equals X total healing, which puts them on part with insert class here healing”, without realizing that between shifting globals, cc, kiting because we’re squishy, ignoring procs to keep up pressure, etc… We actually don’t get that many regrowths off.

I just dont believe they have the competence…or control over all the classes/specs. Too much randomness and unfinished product feeling over this “rework” on the classes for DF.

They should make predatory swiftness procs stack up to like 3. So you can use 3 saved stacks for a 3x Regrowth heal.


Super good idea. Not too strong, but it would be a meaningful change in the right direction.

Addresses quite a lot of our weak points without buffing damage and causing a follow up nerf.

Hope they do this :100:


…Or just unnerf it.


I love feral but this is the ONLY reason I stopped playing feral. Its pvp heals are terrible.


Check my post, having predatory swiftness off global cooldown, im thinking youd like the idea,


Regrowth is crap in Restoration mode, you need to hit up lots of talents and have a high crit / mastery rating for it to be viable. (Basically you need a regrowth already on the target for a regrowth heal to be noticeable, one regrowth and spec’d as feral well what do you expect from it?
Just use NS for the entangle roots imo, like another person suggested.
(Besides you should really be healing as a druid in PvP anyway, just ask Blizzard :wink: