Feral Question

How is it this expansion? I’m returning and want to know if anythings been changed, viability, are we still getting kicked left and right from doing end game content?


Big pull aoe is really good. Small pull aoe is bad. Single target is bad. Survivability is good. Solid in high keys, but will still not get invited to anything you dont outscore by 200 points.

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Easily put, much better compared to prior expansions, and good enough to be taken in the most recent MDI tournament by almost every team. Hapablap pretty much nailed it on the head.

We scale very well with larger AoE numbers in comparison to other classes due to Apex Predator procs and Nature’s Vigil (for team utility). General AoE and single target is average at best; Nothing incredible.

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Feral is in a new golden age and is actually desired now, arguably more so than balance.

Good time to be a cat, and probably the best in current memory.

Does it have issues? Yeah.
But not nearly as bad as they were before.

Feral pipes rn.

Main weakness is actually single target, though it does do good st inside of cds.