Feral is free in pvp lol

I just finished leveling mine like a week ago and finally was able to play it in SS the past couple days. Like immediately I’m… I can’t recall. Around 50-21 or something and over 2100. It’s so absurdly good lol.

If you guys haven’t tried feral in pvp yet, I highly suggest it.


I take full credit for your victories.

You absorbed parts of my tism from 2s.

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Oh yeah? xD.

I’m getting more and more proficient, I certainly still make errors t it’s just in such a good spot lol.

they heard you… -_- lol

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Do you play with lunar inspiration as feral in RSS?

Well deserved honestly lol. Bleeds took a hit and bite did too but a minor one. With the set bonuses coming it won’t be as bad. Feral will still be very good. Honestly the constant bite procs from multi bleeding alone is so insanely good. Don’t fret.

I’m glad boomy got some love. I kinda wish they weren’t doubling down on the casted damage thing. Wrath and starfire getting buffs as well as new moon is well and good but… you can never cast them lol. Surge gets a nice bump though.


Depends on what you’re facing and your playstyle. For the most part yes, but you can get away without it if you’re not doing as much kiting or ranged CP generating.

In open world farming I can go without, when it was on the chopNblock a few weeks back and we’d have to choose FF or LI, I was becoming used to the idea of not having it, but it just felt like a gap in rotation. I was mostly asking out of curiosity, I prefer it in most aspects of my play style. I’m one of those that change talents like I change my socks.

No I don’t. I already hate not having two points for something I really want and to be honest I’m pressing things on global as it is. I don’t think I’d want to even fit LI in my rotation haha.

The only issue is the frenzied nerf for feral but not balance, that is sketchy.


Only 12% though. Again, feral has instant regrowths, LotP, SI, and overall just more survivability. I am somewhat surprised they nerfed it because ferals could still get killed for sure but I’m not surprised feral got hit where boomy didn’t, in a vacuum.

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It is around a 20% nerf from it is current value, which was already mega nerfed. I dont think anyone was complaining about feral being tanky this patch.


we don’t speak of such things. Nerf hammer will come for us.

I mean, the % is semantics. Frenzy already doesn’t heal for much and it being like 38% instead of 50% effectiveness is whatever. I agree the tanky portion of feral wasn’t usually the focus but they reverted the death strike nerf a bit. If they see this as too much, hopefully they’ll make further adjustments.

in solo/3v3 it’s broken rn, inb4 pvp nerfs

Hate to break it to you, nerfs came here before you did :wink:


They absolutely gutted feral for PvP.


Rake dmg is so high bc most games end in under 2 minutes, and yet they want to “Slow down the pacing of games” aka during incarn rake dmg increased by 60%, just reduce the effectivness of rake in pvp during incarn, or reduce our attack range, or make primal wrath not worth pressing in pvp. Don’t turn us in the ferocious bite bots of bfa again, was such a boring playstyle imo. We already only have a few viable comps in pvp because our main source of cc is stuns and cyclone is barely worth using most of the time and feels terrible to play with.

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I do think that the gladiator medallion set bonus change (lower main stat + more stamina) is an indirect buff to feral because of how it functions as a sustain target cleave spec. Longer games work in feral’s favor, and these changes make them less liable to getting bursted in the opener.

Frenzied Regen changes kind of suck, but again the increase in stamina makes this kind of a wash (more hp = more frenzy healing). It’s still a nerf, but not as much as the actual number on the patch notes suggest.

I’m not an expert by any means, but there’s a lot going on in the toolkit, too much for people to be writing them off imo.

Should note that these additional PvP nerfs are on top of the 5% nerf to circle, rip (via dreadful bleeding), and rake (via infected wounds) that were already coming in 10.0.5.

28% nerf to bleeds :rofl: These clowns couldn’t even wait a few days just to see how the original nerfs affect the spec. Then they nerf FR to boot… because people were complaining about feral survivability ???