Feral in Premade Mythic 0


So I’m a vanilla player who hasn’t played since Cata, and I’m just wondering what the state of Feral Druids are in Mythic 0. Basically, I can’t seem to get invited to any premade groups. I know the fights, ilevel 365, average about 8k DPS. I know from reading the forums that Ferals aren’t in the best place DPS-wise. Just wondering if this is a bias against Feral?

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There’s no bias under Mythic+10, I’ve never been denied or asked to go boomy in Mythic 0.

You need to stack Wild Fleshrending x3 and get better trinkets, you can be averaging more than 8k in dungeons.

In dungeons you should be using Predator instead of Sabertooth and MoC instead of BT.

I only recently got past 370 and even then I’d be top DPS 90% of the time in dungeons, we have the best consistent AOE dps in the game thanks to PW+(x3WF) Swipe spam.

Also you have an intellect staff. Make sure you do the weekly quest, conquest and spam warfronts. In the likelyhood that you can’t get into Mythic0’s because you’re under 370 (because there’s sure to be more dps with a higher itmlv than you listing as well), just go guardian or resto (since you have that staff) and set your loot specialization to feral till you’re at least 370.


I’ve been consulting icy veins and I guess I’m a little surprised. I thought Iron Claws offered the highest DPS. I’ll trying swapping the talents you mentioned too, but again I thought icy veins said BT was the best talent in that category. A little confused about the intellect staff, that says Ability/Intellect depending on which spec I’m using in-game. I should clarify, 8k was single target DPS, multi can go much higher. Anyway, I’ll give these things a try. Thanks for the advice.

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2 things.

  1. There is nothing in this world more closed minded than the base level player.

  2. The Dreamgrove Discord has many pins and resource links for a newer(ish) Feral/Druid like yourself. Icy Veins is a site I have never been a fan of, and WoWHead is pretty bloated and hard to navigate.

Okay, 3 things. Iron Jaws is a trap that needs to be avoided. Iron Jaws REQUIRES 3x that trait stacked to perform. If you have 1, the dps is garbage, having 2 makes it meh and 3 is where you see all the woowoo numbers. Iron Jaws sims highest ONLY in PURE ST situations which don’t really exist. It requires lining up cooldowns and procs, etc. Just don’t use Iron Jaws. Especially not as a newer(ish) player.


Cool, I appreciate the feedback. I’ll definitely try these suggestions out.


The icy veins guides for druids are often written by the person running the class discord channel.

Weapons do not switch stats based on spec. Agi weapons are always Agi, and Int always Int.

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Welcome back. Don’t let everyone scwre and overwhelm you lol. Feral is a very tricky spec to really get down but once you do it’s so rewarding. Just like everyone said, check out the icy veins feral guide and check out the discord. Once you start getting back into it and get the hang of things you’ll enjoy the spec again. If you’d like I can run some mythics with you to try to help you get some good gear. I always enjoy helping other feral players whenever I can cause I’ve had some really good druids help me. Not saying I’m the best by any means but we should help out our druid kind.


Their M +0’s. I can solo a +0, it’s not considered challenging content currently.

Just make your own group and jump in. And I agree with the above poster. below a +10 people just grab whoever has the highest IO that’ll que for their key regardless of spec.

They only try and build meta comp’s like Rogue/DH/Boomkin once you get into in the 10-12 range.

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I’ve never had 3 Iron Jaws pieces so i can vouch for it but I imagine that’d only be for ST situations. Only time I would recommend playing with BT is on ST focused raid boss fights.

Sims don’t account for human error and in dungeons it’s the trash that really counts. Plus I find it much more fun to play with Pred-PW-MoC, It performs decent ST so you’ll save a ton of Tomes of the Quiet mind and it’s less tedious so you’ll be able to focus on mechanics and get better with the spec in general.

Also very much this:

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I want to add that there is a bias against feral. Players that keep up to date on patches probably know that feral is about middle pack for Sims, when at the start of the xpac were bottom 3 or something.

Lots of players don’t get over that stigma.
But in a world where dps are too many, youre probably just being left out for people with higher ilvl and io score.

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I’ll put in my $.02 if someone hasn’t already said something similiar.

So if you were reading forums that dated before patch 8.1 hit yea, Ferals were not the greatest dps. Since 8.1 our dps is fine; utility is what keeps us from being invited to high mythic keys, although with a mythic 0 you should have no problem getting in as Feral.

Don’t let Icy Veins be the one all be all guide for how to play Feral. It is a good basic guide but you really need to play around with talents, gear, and trinkets to find out what works for you. BT has simmed as the highest single target dps talent but I can never get it to perform better than MoC. Maybe I’m using it wrong but do what works for you. It’s kind of a good thing since I don’t really like healing myself to increase my damage anyways.


Thanks for all the replies! I followed everyone’s advice and seem to be doing about 12k DPS now in dungeons. Hopefully that’s more acceptable for my current ilevel. I love the play style of Druid and the versatility, so I’m not too worried about topping the meters, just getting into groups. Still oddly not getting invited to Mythic 0’s, I’ve been declined by every pre-made search except for once (out of probably 15 now).

Anyway, I’ll keep chugging away it. Thanks again.

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I’m guessing it is because you are a bit behind the curve in item levels. Still seems odd to me though. If you que as tank you shouldn’t have a problem finding groups.

Edit: If you can afford it you should buy a 340 2-handed agility weapon off the AH. If you’re pulling 12k dps single target with no buffs on a raiding target dummy with that gear I’m actually impressed. Also you should level up your HoA.


I will gladly tank for you. My tag is: Krunchy#1741
I have 3 tanks, 2 healers, and main a mean Warlock. Pick your role and I’ll take care of the rest. Let’s go!

Please note Feral is a high skillcap spec, and has been for at least 2-3 expansions now (that I’m aware of). You definitely need to be good at the spec, and maintain all your bleeds on all targets. In Legion it was the hardest spec to play, but not sure about BFA.

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Try making a group and see If that feels at all faster than applying.