Feral Druid Tier Set Monitoring

Trying to hold strong here. The whole guild is hitting ZM hard. But i havnt even had the drive to play knowing whats in store for feral. All this work for what? I really dont want to switch mains. Toughed it out all last patch only to get destroyed on the meters on serious keys. Comon blizz, help us out here


Same. Every time I switch to Venthyr to farm more renown for Balance I immediately stop having fun. Probably looking at rerolling if they don’t address this.

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Usually when the do class tuning for things that left the ptr broken, they do it between heroic week and mythic week. This is when I’m really hoping to see some updates. Otherwise it might be a while.

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Lucky for me my guild is a super casual guild and I’ll probably still be top dps even as feral :smiley:

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All they have to do is revert the changes they made to the 4 piece and everything will be fine.

If they don’t do that then they need to make the 4 piece a flat 2 min CD and the 2 piece makes ability rage cost 50% less during berserk like it used to be. I spend half my time during my biggest CD waiting for energy.

The feral 4 piece ability is only like a 400 dps increase on single target its disgusting.


I don’t see how they can do it by then given the fact that this is based off of 4 piece tier and no body will have it 2 weeks in possibly even 3 weeks in. So balancing is probably not happening anytime soon give on how big of a subject this has been one would think they are watching but they don’t talk to the feral community really at all so who knows. They did at one point say they would make it so feral wouldn’t have to owl weave convoke but that never got fixed either so its really not looking good.

I will of course soldier through. Really it would be nice to hear from them on why they think feral doesn’t need any fixing when there is a massive amount of people saying it does. If they don’t talk to us then we cant figure out where the problem is or isn’t. That is where all this is stemming from.


You’re probably right. I’m still going to play until I see what it does for myself. If I’m falling that far behind, I’ve got my rogue on standby until something is addressed.

I imagine they don’t directly revert because it’s quite a bit of damage off the GCD (albeit over time) in PVP.

I also imagine they don’t rework it because they don’t care :smiley_cat:


Not sure how they would fix it they could buff tier a bit but then possibly also buff ferals direct damage or just do one of the 2. Who knows getting not like were getting any feedback here.

They could do literally anything with thrash and feral would be in a better place for M+

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Thats what iv been suggesting.
Give thrash a cooldown like guardian.
Buff thrash’s damage equal to brutal strike or higher.
The cooldown will negate thrash replacing swipe/shred.

This wont cause any change in the rotation, but will finally give life to thrash. It will simultaneously buff AOe and ST. Most importantly, it solves the issue at its core. It doesn’t rely on borrowed power that will be replaced in 1 year.


May actually give scent of blood some consideration for that talent row too then. /shrug

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Scent of blood gets a bad rap, but at it core its actually a solid talent in design. Its only downside is that it doesn’t compete with PW or BS, and its duration is too short. It should at the very least be the same as the dot. (15sec vs 6)

I would have given my left arm for Scent of blood back in Cata. (back when swipe actually did damage)

Buff it to 8. With good Crit that’s Thrash, 3 swipes, finisher, 3 swipes, finisher.

The ability to spam it and not worry about energy at that time may make 15 seconds a bit…well, I’ll say “interesting”.

Or at least buff the duration to be that of the cool down for Thrash. So if your proposed change gave it a 6 second cooldown, then a 6 second duration for Scent of Blood

Well, with a pred/SoTF/PW build, that’s basically the same scenario.
We’re often given more energy than we could possibly spend via TF resets and we’re refunded in full on our finishers.

Matching the cooldown would be ideal. I think 6 seconds is a bit too short though for two reasons:

  1. I dont want to be using thrash every 6 seconds. (12 would be better)
  2. It would be hard to justify the higher damage with a short cd.

At this point feral needs a 400% increase to the instant damage on primal wrath and total damage of thrash to even be able to do acceptable trash damage in M+. Trash meters hurts my soul when I am feral in dungeons.

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Trying to keep hope alive, but after doing the AOE-heavy Anduin fight… It’s hard.

You already have 4 piece?

I’m sure the fight’s much better with the 4 piece, but without it feral damage is dead last. You end up having to sit on CDs while adds die to force convoke into the remnant. Meanwhile other classes are both killing adds, funneling adds into the remnant, and using CDs on the remnant throughout the phase.

Needing the 4 piece to be competitive in normal is pretty lame. If this is the only fight where the 4 piece becomes useful for raid… that’s also pretty lame.

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Oh. No, I thought you already had it and I was worried for a sec.

Plus the latest blue post looks promising.
Might not be all doom and gloom just yet.

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