Feral Druid Set Bonus

You know you’re a feral through and through when you still main feral despite that set bonus lmao.

That set bonus is the worst, %5 damage on rip and bite won’t even be felt. xD While %5 crit could be interesting that also won’t be felt above %30 sadly, it’s the worst set bonus.

People saying it should feel underwhelming cause of the trees? I get that but druid has the worst class tree with the only 3 point spenders and they haven’t even updated it. I want to play Feral druid but god Blizzard keeps making me want to play something else every day. Even if I love being a cat. :frowning:

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It’s absolutely awful especially when you compare it to other specs whose bonuses mesh really well.

Take MM hunters for example, their 2 set directly leads into helping their 4 set and altering gameplay and the 4 set does the same for the 2 set allowing a back and forth which on paper looks like it would work really well.

And then you have feral: uhhh here’s some bit of damage and a chance at extra damage and cps (which depending on build you’re already swimming in).

In pvp in particular I assume the 4 set won’t be touched unless every piece has vers (which they won’t). 2 set will probably be standard because even if it’s minimal it will still be extra damage. (Assuming that 5% outweighs the possibly better stats pvp gear might have).

The balance druid tier set is amazing. I gotta say feral druids one is very boring…

I’m confused. They explicitly said they want to have simple bonuses this time around. These bonuses hit that on the head.

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They’re saying that the problem is that the Feral set is so far behind some other sets, that it’s actually just laughable.

If I’m understanding the Affy set for example, they can get up to 200% more damage on Malefic Rapture. Even if that’s not how it works, they can still pump out 5, count em 5 40% buffed Raptures

No aff set is just charges, so 40% bonus on rapture and u can cast up to 5 raptures with that bonus. Aff set is actually terrible though because it competes with itself in balancing. Aff set is a balancing nightmare because the proc rate has to suck in single target so that mutli dotting isnt busted or it makes multi target fights busted so that the single target is even relevant.

It’s simple in the fact it does absolutely nothing, as our multiple previous %5 increases in damage every raid tier has ever shown. x3 Then %1 crit for every combo point with a 5 second upkeep, compared to classes that get %10 crit and %20 but also extra as well like DH or Enhancement shaman

This set will do absolutely nothing and while I would be fine with simple but yeah. Getting the worst class tree and one of the worst tier sets just hurts. Especially after maining Feral since Legion to now.

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That looks like a text error, it should be 10% crit.

It’s gonna be a pretty insane set in PvP. Which is what I was referring to. I guess I should’ve clarified

Honestly I’m not that worried about it. We expected simpler tier sets and while the tuning is obviously laughable now, tuning will come out in the wash.

It’s not terrible, it’s just boring.

I think feral damage might actually be quite high and they are afraid for drastic tier bonuses to tip it as overpowered

Feral 4 set bonus effect is too bad, too bad
The effect of only maintaining 5 seconds is too short, and the Crit as a reward is really unattractive
If it is to increase the damage of Crit, it may be acceptable.

2 The effect of set bonus has just been calculated… It doesn’t seem to be very good :thinking:

I love how we’re complaining about the tuning of the bonuses when tuning hasn’t even happened.

Just love it.

I agree that the duration of the 4p could be longer, since you only get 4 GCDs to use it.

You don’t need to eat the whole egg to find out it’s bad. As a game designer, you need to be very careful when you publish something. 5% crit for 5s shouldn’t be a 4pc even before the tuning. Especially the previous druid designer was an idiot, as the new designer, the 1st thing you should do is to show druid players that this time, the designer actually knows how to play druid. A trash like that tier doesn’t help.

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Shrug. I think the concept of the 4p effect is fine.

I do agree that the duration could stand to be adjusted, and possibly the strength as well. But the idea perfectly hits what the team said they were trying to hit - a simple, easy to understand bonus that doesn’t radically change anything.

Honestly I would prefer mastery over crit, since that doesn’t have a cap. As well Make the 2 piece a %10 damage increase instead, thereby bringing us in line with the other classes and specs two piece.

But would you prefer no one says nothing about our tier set and just be happy with scraps we are given? I am fine with simple as long as we still get something out of wearing it which the current iteration doesn’t.

Also yes there needs to be more then 5s I am hoping the tuning goes well and that they might be working on our class tree. Bit that might be to much hope.

I think lackluster bonuses are fine.

They are a DPS increase so you will pursue them, but you don’t feel useless before you get them.

These might be too lackluster though.

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The change to set bonus looks really nice and glad they changed the 4 piece. ^-^ While the %6 damage we won’t feel to much, I’m still glad that now it feels targeted to the spec and still simple.

Rather then just an overall placeholder compared to the other tier sets. Looking forward to seeing how it plays.