Feral Convoke why?

All I would like to know is why Feral convoke is so weak compared to boomy Convoke? There are times i can get a full convoke off on someone and it literally does maybe half their HP?

But… If a boomy comes out of stealth for a second with convoke I should expect to be dead in 2s essentially. This is even with them removing full moon from the pvp side of Convoke…

It really makes no sense. Buff feral convoke.

PS: I would just roll Kyrian if the Kyrian ability would just passively go on myself if the target I had it on died.

Because Boomy Convoke combines with Celestial Alignment so all those random Starsurges they’re firing off get double Eclipse bonus. Meanwhile while Berserk does technically combine with Convoke, it just gives a small boost to Shred. It doesn’t do anything for the Bites, which is the meat of the damage.


So safe to say it be an easy fix to ensure more Bites through out the convoke? I mean its a harder spell to get off as a feral and yet we are not compensated?

Even worse devs have said multiple times Feral is a ST spec yet a boomy out performs them in that manner as well.

They’re just going to end up making Convoke not combine with any procs and then everyone will go Necrolord. May as well start grinding it now.


Celestial Alignment procs both Eclipses, so Starsurge is double dipping in Mastery. And upon entering Eclipse, the BoaT Legendary increases Crit by a crap ton so can almost guarantee that the first 1-2-3 Starsurges are going to Crit as well.

So it’s definitely not Convoke by itself. If you were to do that, no Eclipse and no legendary and no cooldown, it’s not very scary either.

Just always set it to yourself from the get go :slight_smile:


Well we already get plenty of Bites during Convoke, the problem is that it’s harder to make a flurry of Bites do big damage than it is to make a flurry of Starsurges do big damage. Berserk doesn’t make Bite hit harder, it just lets you Bite more. Something that doesn’t matter during Convoke. CA on Balance actually does make those Starsurges hit harder.

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Mainly because furious bite is nerfed by 25% in pvp, but if you tiger fury conoke with gear it kills everyone.


The only way to boost its damage is to run bloodtalons, which gimps during every other go. Even if they made it non kickable I don’t think it would compare to moonkin.

Wouldn’t bet on it… the chances are more that Boomy convoke will be nerfed

Convoke isn’t an ability that has its own damage. It’s based off of your specs abilities.

Boomy convoke is usually coupled with Celestial Alignment and BoAT Legendary which makes for insane burst for that 4 seconds.

For Feral, it’s best to be lined with TF and Berserk and any Mastery stacking outside of Convoke to increase your damage.

You’re comparing apples to oranges.

Or they’ll both be left alone because they’re meant to operate differently due to different specs.

I could still see them nerfing Balance Convoke specifically, they already did that with Resto Convoke. It casts 12 spells while the other specs cast 16. But I’d rather they didn’t go down the route. I’d rather they limit how well Balance Convoke is able to synergize with outside effects. That seems like a healthier way to restrict it.

It doesn’t need a nerf. It’s smart play to line it up with legendaries and cooldowns. Just the synergy that it has with those makes it strong.

And Resto didn’t get nerfed. It was set before going live.

So you want offensive cooldowns to do…nothing?

Balance is focused around these “outside effects”. Their sustain without them is laughable. Other classes get major boosts from these effects as well


True, I’m blending beta and post-release there. The point I was trying to get at though is that Blizz is willing to change the same ability to work differently for different specs.

I agree, I don’t think we should remove the ability for abilities to synergize with Convoke since lining up abilities for big effects has been a major component of the skill in WoW since forever. I don’t want to remove the ability to synergize effects with Convoke, I just think that what we have synergize too well. But I’m not sure how to solve it because I don’t think CA or BoaT are a wild problem outside of Convoke so I don’t think it’s fair to nerf them outside of that context.

Already said this in this post but just to make sure I’m direct as possible, no I don’t. I just think they should reduce how well Convoke specifically synergizes with CA and BoaT. Not to nothing, but less than it is now. I think we agree, I just communicated what I meant poorly. It’s still morning for me. That’s my excuse.

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I get it. My flight home is delayed and I’ve been up a few hours earlier than normal myself.

Not entirely sure how to not take the synergy away. Even end loading convoke with Starsurges, with BoaT and CA, it’s still going to hit extremely hard. It’s more the that the Starsurges are almost guaranteed crits, and that’s the issue. They’re already buffed from double dipping in mastery, but the Crit from BoaT are like steroid boosters.

It won’t show me your profile. What’s your ilvl? I’m night fae and I know I’m 226 ilvl but I play my alt feral and get massive convokes. I play blood talons. And you need taste for blood and convoke conduits. But you get full bleeds on the target and stun and convoke. I get 26k bites all the time. I’d say on average I get 20k bites. I literally 1 shot anyone who doesn’t stop the convoke. So gear might be your issue. My alt is 207 ilvl but he still Global’s people.

Macro your pvp trinket with convoke for extra damage too

Yeah that’s the problem I keep running into and I’d rather we do nothing than do something clunky. Doing something super direct like decreasing crit specifically during Convoke feels inelegant and I’ll confess I can’t come up with anything else that doesn’t feel like fixing a watch with a sledgehammer.

For Feral is it better to use Berserk separately from Convoke?

No I never do, you don’t need it. I usually open up with tigers fury / berserk for a massive go and hopefully get a trinket off the stuns so I can wait for stun dr to drop to stun again and convoke. You want to have 2 big goes your convoke will do enough damage by itself


Feral Convoke is fine, you just have to work a little harder to set it up. Run your opponents out of answers/interrupts for it and they die in a maim convoke combo.