Female Blood Elf Weapons

I have a male BE hunter and I also have a female BE hunter. Why are female BE weapons about 40% too large? Female blood elves have a tiny frame and their weapons are still somehow slightly larger than those of their male counterparts.

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Female blood elves are stronger and are able to handle more weight. It’s just biology.


Female Blood Elf weapons were once comically small, but got resized in Legion. I don’t find the bows exceptionally large though. The swords might be.


It’s just funny that they can’t settle on a size between comically small and comically large. The pics you posted look okay, but the crossbow from HFC is enormous on a female BE.


Weapons on all female races are huge. A two handed sword should not be longer than my body and clip the ground. A polearm should not extend so far past my head it looks like I’m trying to send messages to the void.

Blizzard should get better at scaling weapons and armor across the different races, no matter what body type they are.

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i wish they’d give us the option to choose how large our weapons are. a lot of races are like this where weapons are either gigantic or tiny

Female Blood Elves love trying to be like Sephiroth :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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As I remember they used to look good, like actual realistically sized weapons. Obviously some folks thought that was “comically” small and so they got resized to “comically” large.

Too large?

My female blood elf warrior is weild two “two-handers” from Pandaria that look like 1 handers. It’s annoying but they’re blue and match the rest of her outfit and I refuse to use SMF.

Look at this:



Those swords are two handers

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They need to give us the option to mog one-handers over two-handers.