Felt like complete crap dying to a Alliance hunter as Horde guild watched and cheered in slithius

This is disgusting. I felt friggin horrible.

Hunter was on me like glue I couldn’t get in range of him. 40 horde were watching me get my butt kicked and were laughing and cheering for the Allie and I died.

Blizzard if you don’t do something about this im outa here. NOTHING will make me feel worse than what just happened to me in slithius. I will never forget the feeling blizzard wow just wow.


Hold on to that feeling. Your training is almost complete.


quit this backwards company game, too bad there are no good games nowadays at all. probably signifies the end times are coming.


Sounds like your buddies left you out to dry. Maybe not your buddies?

How is this Blizzard’s fault?


They weren’t my buddies it was DogZ on Faerlina they were teaming up with the allies and clearing out anyone who wasn’t a guildie so they could get all the scarabs.

Bro I Know there is others out there who went through this. If this happened to you please speak out this is wrong. It feels horrible I know how it feels guys.


I bet you either tried attacking him first or have a crappy rep on your server.

Especially when I see how petty you’re being over getting ganked while some on lookers were farting around and decided to allow a fair 1v1


that was geat

I was one of the most hated guys during timeless time .

well actually i got farmed a bunch of time by the 2,6 rogue on the server then i became the aggressor. Revenge actually dont need to be again the person who did you wrong. P

dogz was a traitor guild who turned mafia during phase 1 lol after pretending to be the good guys


Well, that was your first mistake.


It sounds like this is happening on a lot of servers

I didn’t say it was their ONLY mistake. >_>

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This is basically what the classic community has devolved into, OP. There’s a reason retail has far less room for this type of gameplay nowadays.


Bro im Fury/Prot I don’t have tactical mastery so its hard me to catch a hunter in an open area. I just was hoping the horde would help each other.

I mean there’s drama on DD too around the scarab grind, it’s just more tame.

This dudes a trollllolololoo yalll

Respect the 1v1.


It was a fair 1v1 but it still felt horrible losing in front of all horde who were rooting for the allie to get rid of me.

Only on the servers that cater to psychopaths (read: PvP servers). This wouldn’t be a problem on a Normal server.

Of course, if we’re being honest, anyone who isn’t in a guild large enough to wrest control of one of the hives wasn’t going to be getting Scarab Lord to begin with.

What do you want Blizzard to do? They can’t force your faction to like or support you. Only you can do that by building connections and your in-game reputation.

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There there, it could be worse. You could get mind controlled and murdered by your own faction.