Felstriker guild co-operation Horde Side

Hey guys Boxer here, just a heads up to all the future and current GM’s
we have a group of guilds so far that have joined together via discord to communicate problems , co-op raids, wPVP events and a place to talk and discuss the server and the guilds from a GM prospective.

If you are a GM and you want to be part of the server community and work together or just be able to communicate with other GMs then send me a ingame mail and i’ll send you the discord link and you can communicate with others and share discords with each other.

We love felstriker and think the community is awesome we want to keep this server as such so let’s all band together and make this the best OCE server there is.

so please go ahead and mail boxer ingame for the discord.

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Ill second this!


beat me to it Watt :wink:

But seriously join up lets make this the best server possible with the best community in OC

Send link to me haha
Razy - gm of gods