Felstriker. Doomed to fail?

Hi all,

Like many, yesterday was a nightmare and I am still undecided on which realm to call home. The logical answer is Felstriker as the other two servers have overflowed, but I have the fear that in the coming weeks when initial hype dies down, Felstriker will become an all-around low pop realm.

Has anyone (horde or alliance) started progressing on Felstriker and/or can see hope for it in the long term?

I would hope after the hype dies down that Blizz will possibly server merge to avoid this issue, but I’m not willing to bet my main on that.


I think we’ll know a bit better by tonight. If Arugal gets massive queues again, I’d say there will be a secondary exodus to Felstriker/Yojamba.

With layering it’s really difficult to tell how populated the world is. Felstriker did seem less populated than Arugal, at least in the starting zones.

Yeah I rekon by the end of the weekend will be when we’ll know. I made an ally toon on Yojamba, but will likely go horde for my long term main. I think there be a lot in my situation and will look to make their main faction character on Felstriker this weekend if Arugal remains off limits.


As of now friend/guild is sticking to Felstriker, but yeah I guess we will know better by Monday once things have had time to even out a bit.

I’d personally like to hear from Blizzard on what their plans are on if newly opened servers like this fizzle out. Hoping for a merge with Yojamba or something.

the main reason i’m sitting in Q for arugal rather than switching is the fear felstriker will end up being the dead oceanic server

it’s a tough one, they recently changed the definition of population per realm to the actually capacity ie. front page on mmochamp will give you it.

essentially a medium pop will be more people then a max capacity realm in vanilla.

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My friends and I decided to take the plunge and have moved over from Arugal. Thinking positive thoughts that this weekend there’s a (mild!) queue and it doesn’t all go south.

Felstriker now showing as Medium

Felstriker is frozen atm

Leveled to 10 on Arugal but friend and I started again on Felstriker. So far its been very positive and active chat and atmosphere and we have passed our Arugal progression.

I’m here and I’m staying. I created 3 awesome names on Arugal on naming day and I have yet to be able to log in. I don’t always have hours and hours to sit around in a queue (well no one does)… so if it turns totally dead I’ll transfer. I got a good name on Felstriker, I’m enjoying myself, that’s all I need :slight_smile:

its not that felstriker isnt active now, its what it will be like in 1 month


however all you need is medium and you’ll have a solid community. which i feel is fairly promising giving we haven’t seen what the first weekend will be like for que times

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I transferred from Arugal on the first day they allowed it. I’m stoked to be on Felstriker. When I log on in the evening it always says Medium. There are plenty of people from both factions running around in every zone…but not enough to hamper questing and grinding. It feels like the perfect blend to me. Groups aren’t hard to find either. I hated on Arugal how you’d sometimes be competing with a few others for quest mobs or grinding. Plus it bugged me that whenever you turned the camera you always saw someone. I like the world to have a little bit of free wilderness here and there. For me a low MEDIUM or a high LOW is a perfect realm. (Especially considering that they’re all much bigger compared to original vanilla.)


Can update as of the 27th september the server is doing great! Plenty of large guilds and lots of 60’s.

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Just got here from Yojamba about 4 days ago and I have to say I’m kinda disappointed. It’s nice to not have to compete with anyone for mobs, resource nodes aren’t crowded etc, but finding dungeon groups even as a tank has been extremely rough, finding people to quest with is rare so I find myself skipping a lot of stuff.

Often times the general chats as well as the major cities feel devoid of life and the chat channels only have the occasional bit of trade or LFG requests in Org. Beyond 11 o’clock at night it’s an absolute ghost town though the weekend has been slightly better. Feeling like I would’ve preferred to take the mob/resources competition of Yojamba if it didn’t feel so much like playing a single player game out in the world all the time. Guild helps, but then you’re always just calling people in rather than having an emergent spontaneous experience which doesn’t feel how it should.

I dunno if getting rid of layers will help it out or not, but I’m hoping it gets better or more people decide to transfer cause I don’t feel like it’s at an optimal spot right now.

I rolled on Fel shortly after it launched and it’s dead.
Nothing happening what so ever.

Vacuum guilds hoovering up every man and their dog.
Can’t find groups for anything as a Tank let alone filling with dps.
Auction house is a joke controlled by one guild pretty much who has overpriced nearly every single useful item.

Blizzard needs to add free xfers OFF or at least paid xfers OFF.
It’s pretty concernign when it’s one week into school holidays and it still hovers at medium and more often low with no signs of improving.

Removing layering WILL NOT fix anything. Chat channels are all linked regardless of your layer. There just isn’t enough population on here to fix it.
I implore anyone thinking of transferring or rolling here not to. Go to Yojamba for active population and activity.


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Mate this server was always doomed, I told anyone rolling on it they were mad and to just wait it out on Arugal or even Yojamba


As a professional troll on LFG, you should probably expect people to ignore you when you’re trying to find a group dude. :wink:

Nah this server is good mate. It’s like the goldilocks zone. Not too busy, not too dead. I’m loving it.