Feels like the First Time Quest Bug

I am stuck on the quest as a DH it send me back to the legion starting point. However it does not complete the quest or send me back. I have been stuck here for 20 minutes and have restarted the whole quest line twice.

We’ve seen similar reports and it is being looked into. As a possible workaround it’s been recommended to try relogging and then attempting to leave the area. This should port you back and trigger the credit for the event


I have been stuck on this mission for 2 days. I have logged out, logged in, and restarted the mission 4 times. Once it teleports me nothing happens and my cursor disappears and I cannot move using the mouse or the WASD buttons.
But I am on my level 66 Evoker (Fuzzybutt), not Flufferilla…

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Tried leaving and flew all the way to iron forge - no dice

Flew to the dwarf starting location, it played the dwarf cutscene and I was good to go!

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