Feels Like I'm on a Dead Realm, but It's High Pop?

Is the chat layered too? That’s really stupid, if that is the case. At the very least chat shouldn’t be layered so we could still group up with people that are next to us, even if we cant see them.

Lol well, to be honest, I typically take my business elsewhere when companies do that. Not saying I’m going to do that in this situation because where else is there to go to play the game I have been waiting and hoping for for well over eight years? I know there are private servers but I don’t play on those, just doesn’t feel right to me. Not saying there is anything for those that do, it’s just something I can’t personally bring myself to do.

Good point Eloraell, thank you. I will do that.

I honestly don’t know. I thought the chat was shared between layers, but I’m really not sure. From my experience today with hardly anything being said in chat at all, it does seem to be layer specific, but again, no positive on that. I mentioned in chat how it felt like I was on a dead layer and a few other people said the same thing.

But in the last stress test chat was scrolling like crazy and very much alive no matter what time of day I was on. Today, it’s been almost nonexistent. At least in the couple hours I just played in Durotar.

I created characters on multiple servers.

Server test 3 even though saying it was high pop had almost no people on it.

Move over to another server and you will see a high number of players.

Pretty sure sever 3 was where they were testing the effects of small layers and high population servers.

I’m on server 3 too and aside from the very start where it was indeed packed, I am consistently in a dead or very quiet layer now.

And I don’t think the chat is layered, because /4 world seems pretty lively at times, yet the landscape I am in seems rather empty of other players.

I agree I think 3 was the small layer one. I did have issues in starter areas (did orc and undead) and it was pretty bad there in packed around 20-30 people but after that it seemed fine. Overall it didn’t feel dead to me. I saw at least three to four people in each area I went to for killing and overall that felt good. If they were able to keep it that way I wouldn’t have qualms with it as everyone was able to go at a nice pace after valley of trials without competing too much for collect quests. People were always grouping up for kill quests and 1 boss kill quests.

It did feel weird like it was more 2 days after release rather than release day but I am not one for giant release mobs competing and this way you can progress without much issue.

I started on server 3 last night and it seemed to have a healthy population. That’s why originally I assumed me still being in the Valley of Trials when I logged in is why I wasn’t seeing many people. I figured most were definitely in Durotar out questing but a /who once I moved there and still didn’t hardly see anyone only showed 38 people total in all of Durotar.

Thanks for the advice though. I will try server 15 later.

It definitely felt empty.

I did a /who on server 3 at 8pm Aus time (3am realm time) and there was 2 people in Dun Morogh.

I then switched to sever 15 at the same time, did a /who and there was around 50-100 people in the same area.

I didn’t know this if this is true. Thanks Melaneth. I was busy and didn’t have the opportunity to login for the stress test last night until the last 20 minutes of it so didn’t know this. That would maybe explain things a bit.

Why aren’t you posting this in the feedback thread instead of creating your own.

Would be a lot easier for blizzard to actually look at all the feedback in one thread.

I was forced to play on Server 3 yesterday and since they brought the PvE servers back up I just stopped playing on that since I never wanted to in the first place.

Honestly, I wasn’t sure if they were still looking for feedback in that thread. I thought maybe it was only for the stress test window of three hours last night.

But I am going to link this thread there like Eloraell suggested.

No they actually want our experiences still.

Ah, I somehow missed that. Thank you Lasin.

I just realized I misread your post. Sorry about that and thank you also for the information Eloraell.

These days not many people are sub to retail and not many people want to spend $15 just to test a server that goes down a day later. If they made it an open stress test then it would of benefit them a lot more

Completely agree with this and am hoping they do that for the last stress test at least.