Feel like we need more reason to Q BGs

Let me start off by saying I’ve been PvPing in this game for a very long time. I’m not a Glad level player, but consider myself at least above average - career rival/low duelist range in rated. I got my 250k hks achievement back in 2015. Not sure exactly how much account-wide I have currently, but I’d guess probably twice that. I used to do a ton of bgs and world pvp back in the day, now I’m mainly a semi-casual solo rated player.

I think in Dragonflight Blizz finally caved in to what PvPers have been asking for for years. They revamped PvP gearing and it’s now easier than ever to gear and catch up your alts.

But in the process, I feel like you get geared so fast and then there’s nothing to do except gear more alts. I’ve already geared and gotten my elite sets on like 4 characters now, at least as much as I can at the current time/conquest cap.

I can keep queing shuffles/rated but the time/effort ratio to push rating early season isn’t really worth it - a lot of rated players only really push late season as rating inflates. Not to mention the super long ques unless you heal (I play 3 healers rn as well), but that’s another topic. I use it to cap conquest and get the sets but that’s it.

I think about queing bgs, which can be fun but honestly get kinda boring after a couple with no carrot on a stick to keep doing them. We haven’t had any new maps in years. Blitz is pretty fun but it’s basically just faster random bgs and there’s no rated yet.

I think what I’m trying to get at is sure, fun is the main priority, but I think they made gearing almost too easy and it’s made max level BGs specifically pretty irrelevant overall. I love wow pvp and will continue to play it for as long as I can but I kinda wish there was more sense of progression and reason to actually play, since WoW is the type of game people play to actually get that sense of progression.

What I would do about it? Make honor more important/relevant. More rewards/cosmetics is the obvious. Hot take (and one I never would think I’d be saying) - possibly reintroducing pvp ilvl upgrades like SL had, - not rating locked. People hated on it in SL but it did actually force people into bgs and gave us something more to do instead of being done gearing so early and doing nothing but spamming rated or playing alts - repeating each season. Even if not that, at least something to make bgs more popular/worth doing.



If I were you I wouldn’t rely on Blizz to make any changes but instead what if you try to run premades with friends? This is very life changing…

You can also join PvP communities for Reg BGs and Epics. Some of them have a discord where you can get a long n met ppl and one thing leads to another.

If you are interested I can give you some more details about this.


I mean that could help motivation a bit. Never got into communities.

I used to be super active in my server community/wpvp back in the day and was in a large wpvp guild from cata-wod. Guild kinda died off after WoD and most of my buddies quit - I’ve played solo ever since.

Still doesn’t change the fact there’s very little character progression for pvp-only players and little reason to que anything really. Fun/friends like I said is the main reason we play games, but this is still an MMO at the end of the day and I like to feel my effort playing is rewarded for time spent.

It’s a weird situation because we’ve been asking for this for years. I used to post all the time for the past 3 xpacs to make pvp gearing better and easier to get into. Now we finally got it and there’s just not much to do lol.

f you ever want a group of people to play with on alliance

PAWGERS#1423 :slight_smile:


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Well, think about it; PvP is basically gearing to kill ppl, isn’t it?

If you go do Rated PvP, there are rewards such as achievements and tittles but the real thing here is to improve ur gameplay.

What they did to gearing in PvP is just GREAT. Although it’s timegated it’s fast enough (you can get up to 3 pieces of an upgrade a week) and you can craft your gear to custize ur stats. It’s the best we ever had tbh.

Now we finally got it and there’s just not much to do lol.

This is the irony, isn’t it? lol

Thus I’m telling you man; join PvP communities, Reg/Epic BGs, pug ur rated content for Vault and whatnot. If you wait for Blizz to change anything you’re gonna end up quitting the game.

The carrot on the stick should be to have fun in pvp. Achievements, gear, transmogs, pets, titles etc should be the frosting on the cake.

It’s like if you and your friends wanted to go on a road trip. The fun doesn’t come from getting from point a, to b, back to a. It’s everything that happens between leaving and getting back. Friends while pvp help with that

That being said, i 100% agree that we need more icing on the cake. And not that garbage generic icing, I’m talking cream cheese icing

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Mayo would give it a fine touch.

Good comments overall.

As for me, I like to do a bit of everything pvp wise. But what I really miss the most is good world pvp. I don’t need a “carrot on a stick” to do it but the fact of the matter is that most players do.

Maybe that’s the problem though. The days of true, organic wpvp are gone because people won’t do anything without that damn carrot. That’s on us though…not the devs.

A lot of propaganda in this thread.

Back to reality. Yeah rated gives a lot more than bgs at the moment at least until rated blitz comes around mainly because its the more dificult mode where you have to actually show ability to get rewards.

Randoms on the other hand atm are a total mess with bad matchmaking 0 to 3 healers geared premades running over new players/undergeared people left and right and with epics in particular undertuned npcs and terrible map design.

If you are looking for a game where you can faceroll hapless pugs in a premade all the way to rank 14 and the highest rewards in the game then classic is the game for you not retail.


I was a wpvper for years. Really it’s Blizz that killed it. Biggest thing was cross-realm.

Cross-realm destroyed server communities. Back then you would gank someone, and it is likely you would come across them again because it was only the people on your server. PvP guilds grouped up and had huge battles vs the other faction’s guilds. The server forum drama was the icing on top. You made a name for yourself.

Modern wpvp is just ganking randoms that you’ll never see again. There’s no depth to it.

I don’t think anyone said anything about premades? I’m confused.

The point I was trying to make is why would they add high tier rewards for a wildly unbalanced,chaotic and neglected game mode because if they did again at that point you could just premade your way straight to the highest rewards.

Bg blitz will award the same thing rated does eventually because it is a much more sterile environment where you don’t have consumables enabling people to just randomly 100-0 you or engineering or dragonfruit or all the rest of it.

It also has anti premade features and it enforces half decent matchmaking by giving each team 2 healers and a tank in cap the flag maps.

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Apparently since last patch err season, the Conquest gear you convert @ the Revival Catalyst - mostly for Tier pieces - doesn’t give you the Normal Raid appearances. Just mentioning it because… that’s cut my incentive a little. Through most of this xpac. I’ve disliked the colors of the Conquest sets of the classes I’m playing - especially DH this season. Anyway, I digress…

Congrats, but tons of people are nowhere near done gearing.

I also don’t get why, if you’re “done gearing,” BGs aren’t good fun for you since you outgear most people already. The reason to play BGs is to have fun.

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what happened to video games

like we literally no lifed rank 50 team slayer lobbies in halo 3 because we were goofy kids that wanted a giggle

now u guys lose ur marbles when number stops going up queuing pvp

im not even old im probably the youngest of the bg players

The first nail in the coffin of Wpvp was dishonorable kills. That drove a lot of good players away (I’ll never forget the sight of a geared up Tauren Warrior in SW running from the teacher npc - while funny as hell, it also painted quite a bad picture of what they had done). A couple of players I knew made a game of it, scoring as many dishonorable kills as they could until they couldn’t even set foot in Org or SW but most just stopped altogether. It didn’t last long but it took a long time to breathe life back into wpvp.

By then Blizz had no choice. The population had been on a steady decline and never really recovered.

No it was a feature added specifically so people could not grief other people all day unabated.

All it did was tell all the high rank 60s getting off 1 shotting level 20s to go fight people who actually had a chance and also to just let other players level in peace leaving npcs alone.

Anyone who did not like this change simply dreaded the idea of a equal playing field the same thing happened when they told twinks to get out of low level bgs and put them in their own bracket which single handedly killed twinking.

The only way this feature could effect you negatively is if you were the type camping level 25s for hours and hours for no reason.

Dishonorable kills weren’t given for killing low levels though, just certain NPCs. People still camped places like Crossroads and Goldshire, I know I was constantly in Goldshire on my orc lock in vanilla and it was extremely rare that I got a DHK. It also did absolutely nothing to stop ganking in one of the places it was worst, STV, where there were barely any NPCs around in the first place. All the feature really did was stymie SW/IF/Org raids since people trolled and killed the NPCs.

Oh so in other words you could not waste hours upon hours of peoples time by spawn farming quest npcs.

I’d say that was probably a net positive.