Feel like AOTC is not enough, But CE is too much?

Blades of Law.
We define ourselves as a « Mythic explorers » guild, meaning our goal is to get a fairly quick AOTC and then get into Mythic raiding without making CE our objective. We are looking for a few more active players to complete our roster and make it possible to get into Mythic raiding consistently.

Our raid schedule is :
Tuesday : Optional Casual Alt Raid night (always one difficulty level below the prog raid)
Friday : Progression Raid
Saturday : Progression Raid

Our highest priority in terms of recruitment is having active and reliable people who are motivated in exploring the contect with us in an efficient way.
Tank prior order: ANY
DPS prior order: Rogue-DH-Enhance-any
off Heal prior order: Any

Aberrus AOTC 3/9M
VOTI: 3/8 Mythic

Tuesday fun chill normal clear 8:00 pm cst
Friday raid progress or fresh 7:30pm to 9:30pm CST.
saturday night raid progress 7:30pm to 9:30pm CST.

Blizzard: Balogik#11684
Discord Balogik#7102