[Feedback][Rewards] - BMAH Update

I wish that permanent Suggestion & Feedback was a thing, because usually I use the PTR forum section for any sort of feedback that sometimes isn’t part of the next patch…GD isn’t a good place and there’s a lack of attention on subforums.

Well, After that brief comment. I’ll tag some council members that had mentioned rewards before, so maybe they can consider this topic.

There’s only 1 mention regarding BMAH as a feature in the Council that I found.

I hope there’s some other members in the council active now, compared to that thread that was ignored and I’d like to see discussion around this feature because some recent additions:

  • Twitch Prime

  • Trading Post

  • Legacy Naxxramas

  • Some good RNG changes (World bosses drops)

Unfortunately, I lost my access to post URLs which decrease the quality of my feedback but I’ll post what I found regarding this topic ( I can post wowhead links):

First the list of BMAH items:

So far I don’t recall an item listed on the trading post that’s available on the trading post, however; that’s a viable option since it’s being used for removed items too.

Recently 2 tabards that are still part of the BMAH, I know that if you miss the promotion the BMAH works as another way to acquire those items, however; We still have these items in a big rotation and maybe it should be handle in another way once those were provided via this promotions.

Its like the issue of items that doesn’t fulfill a purpose, example some items from Ordos:

You can check the comments on wowhead, players wonder why a neck piece that can’t be tmog appears in the BMAH today. Similar scenario with tier 3:

Tier 3 was added now via crafting, therefore; players won’t persue these items in the BMAH with the same frequency.

I don’t recall any improvement to the BMAH for years and I think these inclusions that are really great via promotions, new legacy raids, trading post or increase drop rates…etc.

However; its time that Devs also check these features forgotten by them but still present in the game, because there’s days and days of BMAH rotations without any good item and when there’s a good item that you want, then you’ve players that move gold between servers and other issues.

PS: I still don’t understand why we’ve neck pieces from Ordos…all the loot table from Ordos should be removed and re establish the legendary cloak questline

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I see it the same way. Unfortunately, the GD tends to be overrun by trolls who think they can quickly turn a thread into a joke with their “funny” and sometimes rather toxic comments. That’s also the reason why I don’t open any feedback threads there. It would be somehow nice if there were a separate section where a bit more attention is paid to ensuring that responses in a thread meet a certain standard.

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You have the ingame feedback report function, unfortunately it has a really small character limit. Still, I prefer to use it than the forums because it’s so easy for the feedback to be buried or derailed in the forums.