FEEDBACK: Warrior Class Changes

Now that Prot has again execute baseline or either condemn with the ventyr covenant, makes me feel weird playing it.

It deffinetly would be a big improvement if prot gets the fury version of execute of been a rage builder with cd rather than the arms version, wich leaves you naked after using it.


Even as a rage builder - no sword and board procs and it consumes a GCD that could be spent on Shield Slam.

Prot is completely GCD capped by design unless you take Devastator. Has been since Devastate was introduced.


So I see Single-Minded Fury’s passive has been buffed in today’s build. Can we just abandon this idea and allow one-handers to be mogged over two-handers for Fury only? This is a loot spec disaster without some kind of obvious 1H-or-2H toggle for Fury.


So you nerfed condemn, literally the only move that does damage for fury. Then proceeded to buff absolutely nothing to compensate for this nerf? Actually impressive how disconnected you are with the state of classes. Fury was already behind and now its even further behind. Bravo, well done!

The covenant idea was a horrible idea to begin with and now you are just doubling down by nerfing everything to the ground. So we just pick the least crappy one at this point. Really fun and intuitive game design.


Im not sure where you saw a nerf to Fury warrior Condemn but they actually buffed it. Arms warrior got the condemn nerf which is a bigger joke since arms is bad in pve already



In this week’s build of the Shadowlands Beta, the Misshapen Mirror legendary has been changed. It now increases Spell Reflect duration by 60% and only affects your nearest ally.

Previously, this legendary was proving to be stronger than intended.

Thank you very much for your feedback.


The condemn nerf is for fury. It was buffed for arms. The wowhead list had the tooltips around the wrong way.


The buff to Condemn for arms is a huge step up in terms of its damage. But this solves none of the core issues I outlined in the previous post. Fix the issues with our rage gen. Or the fact that we have to remove our entire 2 target niche of execute cleave just so we have reliable deep wounds proccing. Why do we still have negative synergies in our talents?

Fury lacks tuning numbers and was being carried by Condemn, if you want to nerf Condemn so be it, but bring that damage back somewhere else because right now it got nerfed with no re-balancing elsewhere so now we do significantly less then we already were doing


The Misshapen Mirror nerf was needed, the legendary was way too good. There was zero reason to choose almost anything else.

That said, there are still a lot of issues with Arms spec. Frankly, the abilities need to hit much harder and Cleave needs a buff of some kind if it wants to complete with Warbreaker. Literally just unlink Cleave and Sweeping Strikes. That would probably be enough to do the job. Heck, add some small rage generation to Overpower to smooth out ability usage.


Does anyone have mass spell reflect or is it a pvp talent?

See I don’t get why they wouldn’t do some sort of buff to our abilities to compensate for the condemn nerf. Fury was already being outperformed by the majority of other classes. I didn’t like condemn being 50% of our damage but even with it we hit like wet noodles now we hit like even wetter noodles.


Probably because Condemn is a covenant ability and for any Warrior that doesn’t choose Venthyr, those changes would just be straight up buffs rather than compensation for nerfing an ability they don’t have.

Not that Fury can’t use some buffs in general, but you wouldn’t get any buffs in compensation for a covenant ability being nerfed.

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Smoothing about ability usage can be done in 2 ways. You either make Overpower give us some rage on use. Or reduce the cost of both Rend/Mortal strike so a single auto generates enough rage to use either of them. There is zero reason our autos should only generate 27 rage and the abilities cost 30.

Break Cleave/Sweeping back into two buttons. This change was never needed and I assume it was only made to “remove button bloat” which is also a stupid reason for said change. We are KNOWN for 2 target execute cleave, removing that makes no sense what so ever.

Make the abilities we use in deadly calm/sudden death just count as rage being spent for the sheer sake of removing the synergy. Or rework DC into a lucid dreams kind of effect from BFA essence.

The spec will still play like garbage if you just buff our damage. You need to fix the core spec/gameplay to make people play this spec.


That doesn’t make any sense. Venthyr will still be the best covenant damage wise for fury. So in regards to that being the case its just a straight up damage nerf. Right now we depend way too much on covenants because all our moves hit for nothing.


Absolutely mind boggling; my only possible thought process is they’re nerfing condemn in order to give an overall, complete damage increase that affects everything, because we’re an absolute dumpster fire on the meters currently.


Yeah I have no idea what their thought process is ATM. I’m hoping for an all around damage buff to compensate, but who knows. As it stands we are looking like one of the weakest DPS classes. Communication would be nice but I’ve learned Blizzard no longer bothers with that.


Cleave as baseline feels right and it almost seems necessary with the new mastery design.
So here is an idea how to implement that:

First of have it not replace Sweeping strikes that just feels bad and shouldn’t be there when it’s baseline anyway.

I like the idea of Cleave being the “aoe Mortal Strike” , so we keep Overpower buffing Cleave but we also have Cleave and MS share their CD. I imagine that giving the two abilities a nice dynamic.
Tunig-wise MS should of course be better in single target as well as during sweeping strikes on 2 targets. Having us alternate in 2 target situations between MS during SS windows and Cleave otherwise.

In theme with that my idea for the talent replacing Cleave would be :

Decimate :
When hitting 3 or more targets with Cleave reset the Cooldown of Mortal Strike. Your next Mortal Strike will hit up to 5 targets.


I just don’t get it anymore. Dps classes with large utility doing more dps then the classes who sacrifice utility for pure dps.
Some serious baseline buffs need to occur with fury over the coming weeks…


Arms had plenty of time to get more than an uninspired mastery changed and yet here we are.

So what happened during development? Was trying to implement 4 new class abilities per class that is usable in all content a little tough?



Honestly Fury warrior isn’t horrible, it just needs some slight changes so that it’s able to keep up with the other classes. The legendries are fine and the majority of the new talent options are great too. I hope this feedback reaches you guys so you can maybe take a look into a few of the suggestions.

Possible Fixes:
-Change the Soulbind Conduent: Hack and Slash to have a chance to proc rampage an additional time (even at half of its efficiency) .

-Change the Soulbind Conduent: Vicious Intent to just increase the damage of Bloodthirst starting at 10% flat scaling up per higher conduent instead of it only dealing extra damage if the target is 40% hp.

-Revert the decision to replace Thirst for Battle with Bloodrage or at the very least remove the cost of 5% hp to use the ability so it is a one time 45 sec. cooldown to get you out of snares and roots to remain competitive.

  • Even just give rampage a damage increase by maybe just 5% wile in PvP so that its not just something people abuse in PVE.

-Introduce a weakened version of the Azerite trait Cold Steel, Hot Blood as an Soulbind Conduent. It could even just replace Vicious Intent and the bleed/healing can start of at 10% all the way to 25% of the damage of the Bloodthirst critical strike.

-Rampage Can have a mortal effect that it can apply.

Other Thoughts or Suggestions if Suggestions above are not realistic:

The condemn nerf should be reconsidered, I understand that a lot of arms players have been addressing the difference in damage for that ability but in Arena fury doesn’t have a fraction of the utility that arms has. The decision to remove Thirst for Battle as an honor talent and replaced with Blood Rage is understandable, I would like to see an alternative for arms in that regard to remove Sudden Death from their tree in that case. Fury warrior needs reworks for its talent rows or at least damage increases for rampage if Arms warriors can have the damage buff for condemn while you nerf the damage that Fury does with the ability.

We should at least be the only ones that have a chance to use it multiple times via the Sudden Death talent. If this can be done at the very least Fury would feel like it has some sort of advantage other than self sustain over Arms Warriors with their immense DoT damage, Mortal Wounds, Honor Talent Utility and burst damage available to them via Legendries and Soulbind Counduents that give them the chance to strike twice with Mortal Strike, the specs strongest spec ability.