FEEDBACK: Warrior Class Changes

We need a baseline way to spread DW in aoe outside of our major CD; cleave needs to be spec ability

You guys had some interesting ideas for that tier; CD brings back memories of test of might and the earlier version of cleave had a unique mechanic in requiring a WW to cast.

With a baseline cleave we could see the WW damage buff of collateral damage shifted to a talent that affects cleave instead.

Right now it is just a problematic row. We give up sweeping strikes in order to gain a way of spreading our mastery, and CD buffing WW is just a head scratcher.

Beyond the talent tree, Focused rage would spice up the playstyle of arms nicely and give it a unique way of managing and spending a resource that is already generated and spent in a way far different than most resources.


Continuing about cleave, I think this being a problematic talent is most shown in that, when picking it, MS begins to lose its appeal in situations where we can spread our mastery with cleave, and we begin sitting on it instead of casting our most iconic ability.

this leads to awkwardness when so many legendary effects and conduits effect mortal strike, while cleave consuming OP stacks is the game telling you to ignore it.

I propose, if you don’t simply just give us cleave baseline, that instead Mortal Strike be given cleave-like properties, perhaps after striking enough targets with an aoe ability, so these two buttons don’t butt heads.

If it is designed to simply replace MS in aoe cases, I think a more lean solution would be to grant MS some form of frontal AoE. This solution also allows legendarys that affect MS to continue affecting the rotation when more targets are involved.

If cleave is to remain a different button, bringing it baseline and having a talent that boosted WW damage if X targets are struck would be an option on that row as well, and it moves the WW damage buff away from collateral damage.

Sweeping strike doesn’t need to be off the GCD, it needs to be a passive talent on that row instead.

It isn’t very offensive on the GCD, but it feels like a missed opportunity to give what has been the two target cleave spec some much needed flavor; please consider making it a passive effect again.


I’ve been trying out the template tanks (with soul bind, abilities, conduits, and 1 legendary each, to be fair).

Warriors are crazy squishy. Tanking a +10 Tirna Scithe felt like tanking a 18-20 on live right now. Compared to my paladin, who could pull with impunity even when the healer was running back, it felt awful. Druids felt ok, but had lower damage output (player necrolord, as night Fae is currently broken for me)
And thus lower threat. I felt good when I had frenzied regen available to fall back on, but a third spike in that time frame leaves me praying my healer is paying attention. And there will be spikes, druids are just too middle of the road. Needs more damage, or needs more endurance.

Paladins feel like tanks used to feel. Popping wings on a pull means I’m going to compete with any dps on the meters, and I can contribute to heals and blessings while I do it. I felt very durable, and I had a button for most situations. It feels great. Single target is kinda slow, but using the Avenger Shield reset legendary made it feel decent anyway. Highest damage tank I’ve tried so far.

DH and DK are going to be tomorrow’s projects, assuming I can find a work around for night fae quest. Monk will be last, since I play only monk healer in live, need to learn tanking on it first.

Warriors are THE tanking class, and right now they are probably my least favorite.


Concerned about the comment where our Arms mastery damage % increase isnt applied to the ability that causes deep wounds on the first hit. Can we get MS and the like just baseline affected by the mastery to begin with and not the bleed since it always applies the bleed anyways? I’m concerned about having to wait 5 seconds to burst anything, that’s really punishing to let drop in PvE, and makes targetting swapping pretty lame in PvP.

Kind of weird to have a bleed that can punish you for spreading it.


Having now split Charge and Intervene… Not having Double Time baked into the spec is a little boring. Choose between 2 ways of stunning or an extra charge…


Hello! This week’s build includes updates to many of the Warrior covenant abilities.

The Kyrian ability Spear of Bastion has had its damage decreased by about 45%, and now begins to deal reduced damage when striking more than 5 targets. This is similar to changes made to Thunder Clap and Revenge last week. Rather than a strict target cap and full damage, we felt it was important to retain Spear’s capabilities as a utility spell, while reigning in its damage contribution in high target-count scenarios.

The Night Fae ability Ancient Aftershock no longer applies a damage over time effect to enemies it hits. Instead:

  • The ground will continue to expel anima, dealing Nature damage to up to 5 enemies and generating Rage per enemy over 12 seconds. Every 3 seconds, targets are briefly knocked down.

These additional knockdowns are short, 0.5 second stuns that are not subject to diminishing returns. This change should give Ancient Aftershock a clearer identity as a long-duration disruption ability.

The Necrolord ability Conqueror’s Banner has been redesigned to address concerns about the amount of ramp-up required, and to make the group effect more broadly appealing.

  • Conqueror’s Banner – Instant, 3 minute cooldown: Plant the Conqueror’s Banner in the ground, granting 20% maximum health and 10% critical strike chance to you and 2 allies within 15 yards of the banner for 20 seconds. While active, spending 20 Rage (Arms, Protection) / 30 Rage (Fury) and killing enemies grants you Glory. Glory increases your critical strike damage by 1% per stack, up to 30%, for 30 seconds.

When the Warrior plants the banner, it will prefer to buff the two nearest players. This should make it easier for the Warrior to intentionally buff certain allies. As long as those players remain in the area, they’ll keep the buff, even if they don’t stay next to the banner. If one leaves, however, a new player near the banner will gain the buff.

  • The duration of the Glory effect refreshes whenever a new stack is earned, meaning it can last a total of 50 seconds from the time the banner is planted.

Additionally, Necrolord Warriors will learn a separate ability, Raise Banner, that allows them to wear the Conqueror’s Banner on their back at all times, similar to the version of the ability currently on Beta.

We’re looking forward to seeing how these changes play out once the new build is available, and hearing your feedback on them. Thank you!


Nooooo I really liked the Night Fae one before the change QQ, if its dropping something on the ground instead of applying a DoT it’s going to be useless for PvP, really hoping its not that, but that’s the way it reads. >.< Also if it works like earthquake for shamans I don’t think it’ll help us much with stopping casts in PvE either, can we get that one reverted? The Necrolords one seems like a great change.

The previous night fae one was a blast to use.


To increase the impact of “Mortal Wounds” and similar healing reduction effects in PvE situations, we’re doubling the magnitude of these effects against non-player enemies. The value of these effects will remain the same against players.

Warrior, Hunter, Monk

  • Mortal Wounds now reduces healing taken by 50% (25% against players).


  • Wound Poison now reduces healing taken by 8% per stack (4% against players).


  • Mortal Cleave/Legion Strike now reduces healing taken by 20% (10% against players).

The reworked Necrolord Ability seems to keep the group benefit, but also making this ability far easier to use while never feeling mandatory. I can’t wait to give it a whirl.

The change to Ancient Aftershock sound great for PvE (especially for Prot were it previously overlapped with Shockwave) but like Hoboedd pointed out may have lost potency in PvP.

Going forward the only issue I see with covenant abilities specifically is that Condemn doesn’t provide group utility like the rest of the abilities and is still awkward for Protection.

Maybe spreading the damage reduction to the target’s focus could help?

Also condemn will need to function differently for Prot due to already being a rage tight spec.

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Night Fae’s ability does leave the after shock on the ground. And while I personally think the ground effect looks cool, it feels rather small. So keeping targets in it a for any meaningful amount of time in pvp might prove to be difficult. That being said there still might be some cases where you use it to peel for one of your partners and then they just stand in it to help with melee somewhat. but with how small it is you may just be able to step out of it and still melee your target anyways.

It would feel better if the AoE effect on the ground was bigger. But atm the last version of it seemed like it was a fair bit better for pvp.

The Necrolord change is great. That being said, I feel like it will be pretty lack-luster in pvp. The main issue is that while it does cover a big area, it won’t be difficult for ppl to move out of. Meaning most of the time you will get little to no offensive bonus from it if the enemy team doesn’t want you to.

The last stand effect on it is quite nice. And can be used as a CD to save you or a teammate. But it’s also like a double edge sword in that regard too. It will give you the quick temp heal, but if you leave the zone you drop the HP. Thus kind of locking you into the area until you feel safe to leave it.

At the moment I feel like it’s a rallying cry-ish ability for pvp. There will be some moments when you get to make use of it, but a lot of the time you won’t get anywhere near the full benefit from it.

I know the banner is probably designed with the intent of having to play around the zone if you want the bonus from it(and the 15 yards is very generous for pve) but in pvp you just move around far too much. I would personally love to see the banner changed so that you just wear it on your back and buff 2 allies within 15 yards of you. That would increase the pvp viability of it by a lot.


I haven’t had the chance to test the new Necrolord banner, but the biggest issue I’ve seen people with it is the radius rather than the effect. The new one is nice, don’t get me wrong by any means, makes it useful for casters, but why not increase the radius, or at the least allow us to pick it up and move it?

You should have learned that standing still to gain a power increase doesn’t feel good from mages complaining about Rune of Power, and trinkets like Draught of Souls. Now we have to stand still for up to 50 seconds to get the whole benefit? I would rather it be half of that with the ability for it to be more mobile. I don’t see a situation in any raid encounter where standing still for almost a minute is completely viable outside of being lucky by dodging randomly applied mechanics; and in any content outside of raid, it’s completely useless. I understand that being stronger in certain content is what you’re aiming for with covenants, but this is taking it to the extreme. It may as well not exist outside of raid content and perhaps tyrannical M+ bosses.

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While the New concept for the banner is really Nice, As a Warrior Tank player it presents a problem.

The Health and Crit chance on demand are both excellent. Now that Crit chance gives you Parry when playing prot. No problems there.

However, the Stacking benefit of Glory is no longer as helpful to a Tank. Previously the Attack speed provided both Rage generation and Devestator procs. (It also provided Incredible rage generation for arms)

The new benefit being crit damage is Great for DPS but provides literally nothing for a prot warrior in terms of Tankiness. If the Attack speed could make a slight return, or if it could provide the Warrior Minor damage reduction while under the banner, That would be quite nice.

On a more personal and Biased note.
The Idea of a Tanking / DPS cooldown that you had to “Charge up” was super freaking cool and I’m sad to see it go.


Playing as a fury warrior it would be better for the onslaught talent to replace raging blow instead of adding another ability that you need to use during your enraged phase. It does not synergy well when you have other abilities you need to use during enraged phase duration. This creates an smoother gameplay for fury warriors during enraged phase.

Fury PvP:
There is an old talent that would be suitable for a fury warrior. It was implemented in Cataclysm, but never came back. It was a talent called Furious Attacks and it performed similar to Mortal Strike. Furious Attacks gives your normal melee attacks a chance to reduces healing done to the target by 25% for 10 seconds. This is a good pvp talent for fury warriors.

Another good Pvp talent for Fury warriors is another old pvp talent from the Cataclysm era that never resurfaced. However this talent can be an overall pvp talent for warriors and it’s called Field Dressing. Field Dressing increases all healing received by 6%, and the effectiveness of your self-healing abilities by an additional 20%. Technically I can see this talent being a good replacement for Impending Victory Rush, something else or keeping it as a pvp talent only.


PvP Viability of Covenants

Night Fae-

Ancient aftershock’s knockdown / DoT for rage generation/damage seemed viable until it was changed. No one with a brain will stand in a circle for 12 seconds now creating almost a dead ability other than an extremely long CD interrupt. Warlock felguard worked in PvP in Legion only with a massive about of CC investment to keep them there, because the demon did obnoxious damage and it was worth it. Aftershock does not, and it’s design was to create CC itself. No longer reasonable to use in PvP at all sadly. Loved this one before the change as you could benefit from the rage gain as well as create some spread pressure when you caught players grouped up. #pleaserevert
Soulshape- Mobility = Useful. Run Without Tiring allows this ability to also heal us the longer we stay in the form, but I don’t see it being overly practical compared to the other option of just having it available more often; Stay on the Move. Wild Hunt’s Charge however turns this into a 5 second charge stun if used from out of combat, hello cross CC.

Extra Soulbind Stuff-

Niya - Niya’s Tools: Burs seems cool, but a 6s 20% slow + small damage proc that enemies have to walk over of their own volition seems lackluster compared to Niya’s Tools: Poison, which adds a large 30 second dot on successful interrupts. It would be fun to swap these two based on if you’re playing against caster comps or not, but with Blizzards current plans we probably just wont use one or the other, and I don’t believe the third option will ever proc on a warrior, could be viable if theres an interaction I’m not thinking of. Swift Patrol might see a lot use in RBGs to finish mopping up and enemy team, and might further incentivize killing pets in arena when available. Niya’s final ability Grove Invigoration adds a damage and max health component to Aftershock that may help make up for everyone walking out of your ability and I probably should have added it above.

Dreamweaver - Field of Blossoms seems trash, again its PvP and were moving around so we won’t get much benefit from 5% haste while standing still for the most likely 1.5 second knockdown. Social Butterfly could definitely be cool, 5% vers is no joke but it’s too niche within melee cleave RBG comps that aren’t splitting targets to compete on its row. Soothing Voice adds a 90% and rapidly decreasing slow to Charge, Storm Bolt if you’re specced for it, and maybe a few more racials the could aid in winning the kite-and-chase game. Somnambulist could be amazing if it stays on after you enter a PvP instance, but I highly doubt that will be the case. With the final ability being a killable cheat death mechanic that players will learn to kill quickly. I doubt this Soulbind will ever see use by PvP seeking warriors in its current state.

Korayn - This is the homie providing the 5 second charge stun. Face Your Foes could be a nice 2% damage reduction while you’re out of CC and attacking DPS. First Strike could be very decent depending on how frequent the interactions are allowed to occur/reset, if it resets only on combat drop not so much. Hold the Line feels like it could be cool, but 10% physical damage reduction against most melee that are trying to run to hit you the back means “Standing Still” would have to be defined as “spinning in place” for this to benefit you at all, and only against melee teams that are training you rather than cleaving you for longer than 5 seconds. Get in formation might help in the slightest possible way, but 3% mount speed is 3% mount speed, maybe on large RBG maps it might work for a matter of seconds, but I don’t 3% of probably less than 45 seconds is going to help your team when other Soulbinds and class abilities will grant them much more speed. The final Wild Hunt Tactics granting 10% damage and 10% movement speed when damaging targets above 75% hp is very useful in all forms of warrior PvP.


Conqueror’s Banner feels rough to use as it suffers from the same issue as Aftershock, but in potentially a worse way. The chances of being able to have an enemy stand in a 15 yard area that’s clearly marked on the ground for enough time that you’d gain a meaningful amount of critical strike(crit damage already diminished in PvP combat) when you walk away are abysmal. We are warriors, players are trying to kite us(including other melee at a high level) so we are constantly on the move. I think Deonto’s suggestion of the banner being on our back is the only real solution here(and it would still feel bad). The previous version of Conqueror’s Banner felt much better for PvP even if only for the 10% movement speed and shorter CD. The extra health component looks like maybe it could save someone(Rally fills this niche already) except it doesn’t actually provide temporary HP like Rally does so it’s essentially useless. It feels like a cheap addition to try to help Protection pretend this was going to be helpful, but Prot already has Last Stand and Rallying Cry itself . The only useful situation I can see for this would be if your healer was about to eat a long CC chain and you somehow pre drop this and your healer heals you and your ally to full hp while you stand in this thing, the enemies don’t notice and commit to CCing your healer and doing their “go” on you anyways and maybe that 20% extra health pool in a 20 second window saves one of you. Not ever going to happen, and who wants their damage, 3 minute CD covenant class ability to be used like that.

Fleshcraft - In Arena this is going to see extremely limited use, maybe VS a full stealth team where your healer might be CCd at the start. Once in combat a 4 second channel for only 20% absorb(maybe it works on dead pets for a higher shield?) isn’t going to help a warrior much. You won’t be able to stop incoming damage with your abilities and it doesn’t seem like you can even dodge parry or block during the channel. Some of the soulbinds make this one a bit more useful, one makes the player immune to CC during it, so some high skill gameplay could use this similarly to Bladestorm is used currently. Another makes it usable while moving, and one even adds AoE damage and healing allies component to it, potentially giving us an ability to help save an ally in a pinch. Baseline I could see this getting more use in a BG setting where there might be corpses around to consume for the extra absorb.

Extra Soulbind Stuff-

Plague Deviser Marileth – Volatile Solvent is going to help about as much as Fleshcraft already is, and depends on what sort of PvP interactions we get. Killing a hunter’s pet gives 2% strength, a frost mage elemental gives 2% magic damage(>.>), demons give 5% stamina, players at the moment don’t give anything but I’m assuming if this is working correctly they will give 2% mastery, and totems don’t leave a corpse so that’s a no go on the big 5% haste buff. These do last for 6 minutes though so it’s at least something if you manage to pull an absorb off. Travel with Bloop seems pretty strong, a potential passive 10% movement speed isn’t something to scoff at. Ooz’s Frictionless Coating seems extremely strong at the moment as it appears to have no CD on the proc effect, meaning if you’re healed back above 50% during the absord(likely) you’ll gain another 10% absorb as soon as you fall below again. Plaguey’s Preemptive Strike seems like it needs to go in the PvE bin compared to the other two options on this row. His third row is dead and his final row gives the CC immunity during Fleshcraft I spoke of earlier.

Emeni - The Magnificent Skin is going to do slim to nothing for us given it lasts 30 seconds and the warrior class ability is on a 3 minute CD, but the Ambulatory Flesh is the channel Fleshcraft while moving ability that might make the channel something you can slip in here and there while wobbling to your target without a mobility ability. I would love to see it give a movement speed gain on top. Sulfuric Emission’s fear seems like a lifesaver, and Gristled Toes could be a solid little bit of movement speed, but Gnashing Chompers is near nothing at all in PvP. I spoke of Emeni’s final ability Embody the Construct, the aoe damage and heal addition to fleshcraft earlier so I wont again here.

Bonesmith Heirmir - Serrated Spaulders seems like a great bit of added damage when players attack you, not sure if its enough to discourage a warrior being targeted but its nice. Resourceful Fleshcrafting isn’t relevant in comparison give the low amount of kills in rated PvP. Ravenous Pendant suffers from the same problem, lack of kills. Gorestompers could be cool, but 5 seconds seems like it wont line up where need it to most of the time. Marrowed Gemstone seems like the only real choice on this row as its at least a relevant damage increase. Runeforged Spurs could help start combat on a ranged target without wasting a mobility CD, but its not much speed and probably won’t if someone actually wanted to peel you. Max benefit would be a fraction of a second less free damage taken while you’re moving to your ranged target out of LoS. Forgeborne Reveries sounds super fun, but I don’t think its close to standing up to the final ability of the other soulbinds in actual usefulness.


Spear of Bastion- 25 instant rage regardless of target count, a lot of damage, a 4 second root that’s not going to break on damage dealt, seemingly unlimited target capacity for CC and only diminishing damage above 5, with a shorter CD than Ancient Aftershock. This seems way too much stronger than Ancient Aftershock, yet alone the other 2. Can be used to peel, kite, or hold someone in place for you and your teammates to deal damage. All the covenant abilities should strive to be this useful.

Phial of Serenity – Also super strong. Lesser lock rocks all the time that also remove all diseases poisons curses and bleeds? Yes please. Add in a little soulbind love and this thing turns into a monster. Healing up to 35% overtime or making you immune to the ailments it cures for 15 seconds. You’re also able to set it to auto proc below 35% (unsure if this bypasses the 3min CD or not atm) or function as a knockback on use(fun).

Extra Soulbind Stuff-

Pelagos - Let Go of the Past- 5% basically passive Vers? Yeah Kyrian continues to be strong. His next row, due to the lack of kills in rated PvP, really only leaves the 35% 10s HoT Phial alteration as an option. The next row is dead for PvP. The final row gives a nice bit of mastery tied with each Spear use, more damage on a damage CD+PvP=nice, I doubt moving off target to grab a memory for 3 seconds more of 5% mastery will ever be worth though so the fun packman aspect is out the window.

Kleia -First row really only has one choice that makes sense in my eyes, I don’t think your teammates would like losing 5% of their healthpool every time you drop below 90%, and that immunity is too strong in comparison. The second row could some choice or just be forced into picking stats. Resonant Accolades could help your healers be the tiniest bit more mana efficient with good gameplay, Bearer’s Pursuit seems solid but I haven’t tested if the slow stacks with other slows, so it also has the potential to be almost useless, while Pointed Courage is relatively large amount of dynamic crit percent and I’m not sure you can go too wrong with that. Cleansing Rights is basically automatically using the Signature ability for the Necrolords without having to stand still everytime you’re out of combat, could be more useful than the 10% mount speed option but theres an actual choice to be made on this row if you’re an RBG player. Valiant Strikes seems amazing, especially given you can gain a lot of passive crit in this tree. Then again crit is usually not a stat players strive for in PvP so who knows.

Forgelite Prime Mikanikos - Phial knockback or auto-proc, a nice choice for PvP exists here for a change, 35% health seems like too high of a proc threshold though, 20% would be better for PvP players. Hammer of Genesis seems more useful for RBG than arena, but doesn’t compete well with the rest of the row. Sparkling Driftglobe core has the same concept as Sulfuric Emission but instead of 20% its 35%, and instead of a fear it’s a stun; it seems stronger in terms of frequency and usefulness, but it could mess with diminishing returns in a bad way if you have an unfortunate proc more so than a fear would. Off the DR would be ridiculous. Soulsteel Clamps don’t sound terribly useful outside a rogue opener or being CCd out of a root, as the buff only lasts 5 seconds after you start moving, a thing warriors do a lot in PvP. The next row is dead, unless you could some how viably abuse jumping off heights in BGs and the more vertical arena. Don’t really have any comments on Bron’s Call to Action, just wondering if you can heal friends by targeting them while using focus macros to attack other players.


Condemn- Seems good. The damage reduction aspect is a nice touch. This will probably be the most useful for swaps and spread pressure/quick swaps in the hands of a Fury or Prot warrior, because at the end of the day Mortal Strike is applying a bleed, our Mastery, and healing reduction as Arms. This ability seems to be focused on more sustained damage compared to the other class abilities, in a situation where a healer is probably healing above 80% frequently even Arms could gain a slight damage boost then and there. In deep dampening arena, this adds a bit of survivability to yourself as well as creates a higher threat execute(one soulbind also adds 10% Vers for 10 seconds on use). It sadly does not interact with the Death Sentence honor talent. I would say this was the go-to damage dealing covenant if Kyrian wasn’t so dang strong.

Door of Shadows - I want this to be useful at its basic level, but I can’t see it. Maybe you could port behind a pillar to get to someone circling it to avoid you, but at a 1.5 second cast with a telegraphed port location this would only work on bad players that probably wouldn’t be hard to juke change directions on in the first place. Perhaps in an arena setting it’ll be faster than running back up a ramp to a higher location if heroic leap is on CD(or to save the CD) after several knockbacks off a ledge or failing at teleport trickery. HOWEVER, the soulbinds turn this ability into something very viable, potentially a 6 second AoE disorient on a 1 minute CD (stronger than Blind??), a 40% movement speed for 6 second buff could potentially make this viable for mobility, another get out of roots and snares card is not to be undervalued even with a cast time, and a 15% absorb shield for 8 seconds on use that’s kinda meh in comparison but still a nice boon to trying to escape alive.

Extra Soulbind Stuff-

Nadja the Mistblade - First row has some of the best competing row options out there for PvP imo, not sure why all can’t be like this. Friends in Low Places doesn’t affect PvP at all from my understanding. The third row of options are pretty great, minus Exacting Preparation really not coming fully into play in PvP so probably out of the running by default. Familiar Predicaments 25% reduced snare and roots are solid and seems like the intended PvP choice, but I’m not sure turning down 4% flat damage to the target of your choosing for something most of the warrior specs can already either get out of via class abilities or be dispelled of is worth it, without even factoring in 2% less damage taken. All the warrior specs are in dire need of haste right now, so the final ability periodically giving 20% haste for 10 seconds sounds great. The more damage spikes the better.

Theotar the Mad Duke - 2 charges of a mostly useless casted teleport, or being able to get out of roots and snares to make the teleport useful, choice seems like it just depends on the type of content you do, eww. Refinied Palate does nothing since we cant use potions in PvP, Soothing Shade suffers from the “we have to move to hit things, we’re warriors” problem many of the covenant abilities grossly overlook for PvP, but you could play around this one more so than others, 350 mastery for 12s every minute can’t be right. Token of Appreciation really pushes the rest of the options off the table though unless you’re looking for purely selfish damage and the mastery levels on Soothing Shade stays where it is. Second to final row is dead. Wasteland Propriety seems very nice, 10% vers and 4% to your allies with so many opportunities to use Codemn adds a lot of fun target choosing / buff management gameplay.

General Draven - First row seems dead unless Expedition leader stays in PvP instances, minor and annoying to use if it does(limiting what you can do between queues). Built for War seems strong outside of deep dampening arena, but even then maybe that 5% helped burn through enemy CDs and mana earlier in the game. Big fan of Superior Tactics, the old glyph for damage increase on successful interrupts has been sorely missed and encourages good gameplay(or fights with your teammates…) Warriors don’t really heal, enough that 4% for standing still is going to outweigh the rest. Enduring Glooms usefulness I briefly mentioned before, but depending on your team comp, Move As One could be amazing. Service In Stone death mechanic seems pretty fun for your teammates to play around, and the 10% damage reduction when below 40% is incentive enough alone to value this ability.


The main point of my wall is, there’s little if any “choices” relevant to the Rated PvP aspect of the game. Every consumable and healing another target dependent proc, most killing a target or “stand in this” “walk into this” ability is out the window. The choices feel world questing and M+ skewed in a bad way. I play every aspect of this game and I don’t want to be pigeonholed because I also enjoy PvP. Please change and balance these so that Ion’s dream of racial ability like balance is achieved and I can choose what I enjoy lore and aesthetic wise. I already hate being cutoff from the other storylines and being forced to play 4 warriors to experience the expansion, I’m a one character completionist but I don’t want to screw over my raid team or PvP partners.

Side note: Soulbinds need to change when you change specs.


The Aftershock change needs to be reverted.


Ancient Aftershock was an interesting button to press in both PvE and PvP for all the specs. It gave interesting play and interaction for PvP when you can catch an entire 3v3 team in the knockdown and dump the extra rage for a kill attempt. That feels good to press. PvE it gave all the specs a reliable button to press for rage+CC without this really toxic gameplay interaction with your party members.

Now tank’s are required to keep the mobs in a tiny circle over 12 seconds for the full effect which isn’t always possible. For DPS, it’s an extremely toxic and unfun button to press because bosses/mobs won’t always be kept in the area, even if your tank is trying. This is just like Arcane Crystal for mages that gave horrible gameplay experiences where you were forced to hold your CD’s/Openers because the boss is moving or just gimp your dps because X mechanic happens and the boss moves. Fighting your tank about boss positioning/having to be sub optimal is not compelling gameplay. In PvP, mobility creep is super real and no one is going to stand in your glowing circle for full the full 12 seconds unless they do so on purpose so it may end up just a dead button. I hope these changes can be reverted or changed so the ability doesn’t feel god awful to press for certain specs/PvE/PvP scenarios.


What exactly is the purpose of Colossus Smash in shadow lands for an arm’s warrior? If it is to offer the warrior a window of burst damage, we already have a damage debuff in the form of our mastery, one that will eventually climb higher than the one offered from CS

furthermore, if it is supposed to serve as a damage window, what are we supposed to use in this window to deal damage? with the removal of ToM, the spec is back to using bladestorm inside these windows, and we are unable to spend rage while bladestorming, so what is the intended “design” here?

Do we cast CS, try to get our rage as close to 0 and then begin spinning? What do you guys WANT arms to be doing, because right now there seems to be a lot of crossed wires.

Are we supposed to be pooling rage for Colossus Smash? Why? What part of the kit tells the player to do this? Outside of it being the best way to get a higher SIM, what game mechanic is telling the arms warrior to pool rage for these damage windows. Why is there no mechanic that promotes spending rage inside these windows and why is it so easy to cap rage during these windows if I choose to use my other major abilities like bladestorm.

Does rage not matter? That seems to be the only underlining point across all complaints; that there is nothing interesting to do with my class resources, so what gives?

You’ve had many months, including all of BFA, to come up with a concrete vision for arms, and now we’re 2 months away from launch and right now, dreadnaught, a max level talent, is butting heads with cleave because it is unable to have sweeping strikes.
We saw talents butting heads with mechanics all expac long with DC and SD not contributing to Test of Might, so could we not have 2 more years of this?

These kind of conflicts add up to make a spec feel bad and have us playing it DESPITE it’s flaws and due to loyalty to something we’ve enjoyed for over a decade. This can’t be an acceptable status for a developer I’m sure; you shouldn’t have players begrudgingly playing a spec that feels bad because we have pipe-dreams of what could be.

You still have time to make this into another fury. You’ve shown you can make a melee spec with a red resource bar be the best feeling spec in an MMO, but don’t get complacent doing it once when arms has no identity.


I’m confused by this. Correct me if I’m wrong, but Overpower currently buffs the damage that cleave does. So why would Dreadnaught and Cleave not play nice together?


the real value in dread naught is being able to sweeping strike the two shockwaves

with cleave talented, you lose sweeping and the ability to copy the shockwaves