Feedback: Warlocks

Right now on live, for PvP, Demo Warlocks have a PvP talent to use Spell Lock on a 30s CD if they DON’T have Felhunter as their active pet. So atm, PvP-wise, Demo have already been playing with Spell Lock and Axe Toss as two interrupts.

I’d love to see alternate playstyles for it. Its why for any spec out there, I’d love to see Decimating Bolt or Decimating Bolt-esque talents to buff Incinerate to create that sort of alternate playstyle sans Chaos Bolt (not that I don’t love Chaos Bolt, lol)


Let me summarize the gain/loss here:

  1. CC:
    a) Spell lock - you need to stop cast and interrupt now, no gain/loss. Demo will have axe toss interrupt too, gain for demo.
    b) You can grab Darkfury/Shadowflame on top of Mortal Coil/Howl - minor gain
    Overall, minor gain.

  2. Utilities/movement
    a) Circle conduit gone (+movement speed after use), baked into Soul burn, need a soul shard - loss
    b) Burning rush & imp step easily grabbed - gain
    c) Soul Shape/Door gone, cannot blink through obstacle now - huge loss
    Overall, net loss.

  3. Defensive/survivability
    a) Demon skin - gain
    b) Fel armor - gain
    c) Dark pact and improvement talent easily accessed - minor gain
    d) Soul Link & Fel synergy- gain for Aff & Destro, loss for Demo (soul link nerfed)
    d) Destro Mastery DR removed - minor loss for Destro
    e) Sweet souls & Lifeblood - gain
    f) Demonic Fortitude - gain
    Overall net gain.

  4. Throughput (I am mostly talking about the talents combination that were not possible before 10.0)
    i) Destro ST
    a) CDF - gain (damage wise is not bad, channeling for 3 seconds is not fun)
    b) Soul Fire - minor gain (effects is meh but damage is ok)
    c) Shadowburn - nerfed hard, loss
    d) Roaring Blaze & Rain of chaos can be taken together - gain
    e) Cataclysm hard to grab if go left side- minor loss
    f) Soul Conduit in class tree - gain
    g) Grimoire of Synergy in class tree - gain
    h) Embers of Diabolic & Madness can be taken at same time - gain
    i) Wilfred not possible with Rain of Chaos anymore - big loss
    Based on tuning on Beta now, transition from SL to DF feel more loss than gain (Level 60). Things might change when we hit 70 or based on tuning.

ii) Aff ST
a) ID, Nightfall & Drain Soul can all be grabbed - gain
b) SL & writhe in agony both accessible - gain
c) Haunt and Shadow embrace both not exclusive - gain
d) DS:Misery gone - loss
e) Creeping Death buff - gain
f) Soul conduit and Grimoire of Synergy in class tree - gain
g) Decimating & Malefic wrath gone - loss
h) New dread touch and haunted soul talent - gain
i) 2pcs tier bonus gone - loss
Overall, Aff ST gains a lot. My experience testing on Beta is smooth and feels like an improvement.

iii) Demo ST
a) FTS & Dreadlash both easily accessible - gain
b) Grim inquisitor - gain
c) New Fel sunder & Fel might talent - gain
d) Fel and Steel - gain
e) Inner demon, GFG & Soul Conduit all possible to be taken together - gain
f) Nether portal & Reign of Tyranny (previously DeCon) - gain
Testing on Beta, Demo ST does not change much, mostly is gain especially Dog build since we retained the 2 pcs tier bonus as talent but Tyrant damage is kind of low even with Reign of Tyranny (not sure if bugged or low tuning).

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My biggest hope was to see a talent to get permanent infernal back.

I despise havoc. Its always felt clunky having to use an ability tab target to a new one and than use the spells you want. Not to mention its just another button cluttering up my bar that is only used for cleave (and some other situations which requires knowing a priority list.) I’ll be honest most of the time I never used it even when I should have. I prefer the simplicity in just continuing my rotation as normal and getting random procs.

As a choice node I think it works perfect. Choose the more difficult talent and get higher dps or choose the passive and settle for a bit lower dps.

This to me is what these trees are all about, getting to choose how your spec plays instead of being forced into something you don’t necessary want to play.


Have they fixed the typo on the destruction warlock spec tree? Cause there’s a description with a typo haroc when it’s supposed to be havoc.

Hello Warlocks,

In the next upcoming build for Dragonflight, you’ll see that Spell Lock has been removed from the talent tree and readded to the Felhunter. We wanted to take a moment to explain why we added Spell Lock to the talent tree and our decision to revert the change altogether.

Our goal was to try and de-power the Felhunter from a utility perspective to increase how often Warlocks might use different demons such as Sayaad or Voidwalker throughout endgame content. Our attempt at this was to move Spell Lock to Dragonflight’s new talent trees, first as a choice and then as a guaranteed ability. However, after playtesting, we noticed something was lost.

Warlocks have always been able to utilize demons to perform actions independent of whatever state the Warlock is currently in. Spell Lock is iconic to the Felhunter identity and has a lot of history behind it. We considered making this a choice-style node, but ultimately felt that we want to retain the gameplay of knowing what a Warlock is capable of by what demon they are accompanied by, and the unique identity Warlock has: utilizing powerful tools tied to their pets rather than themselves.

Thank you for your thoughts on this change, we genuinely appreciate the feedback, and we will continue to watch discussions as they unfold.


Or you could do what literally everyone has been asking and make it a choice node between player interrupt and pet interrupt. I know it has been mentioned why you don’t want to make it a choice node, but it does feel like we’re losing some flexibility with this.

I was having a blast with finally being able to have the freedom to choose a pet - Felhunter still had a use in Dragonflight dungeons with the amount of undesirable effects you could purge away with Devour Magic. I

This is a step backwards. Please reconsider.


I think it is generally an okay change, I just wish other pets had a function that made them worthwhile enough to consider in a dungeon.


I can’t tell if this is a troll or not. Warlocks having a proper kick looked amazing for m+, especially for demonology.

Will you, at the very least , give demonology a proper kick? Not this awkward stun kick thing


Warlock pets is the bread and butter of the class and please don’t change that concept.

(Like my comment if you agree with my mentality)


Great, so now we’ll never use any other pet again.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to have spell lock and actually use my other pets for their utility again.

Please reconsider this. It is a mistake.


Well, fun-police is comeback. Being a Demo main, it was a dream have an interrupt, but, the dream is over.

Is fun read this, because is contradictory, you’re forcing to use the felhunter. Succ/incc are only for pvp vs non-caster and dps for low movement pve fight. Imp only for dps on pve if there is nothing to interrupt, and if you want a dispell. Voidwalker is for leveling content or an extra defensive for pvp. But, if you want do M+, mind on you gonna use felhunter in 90% of the duration of the majority of dungeons and all the time in PVP vs casters

btw, you aren’t striving for give to the felhunter a new indentity, literally, there is a lot of comment giving feedback to make felhunter a better pet that is already, because, now is an only pet for destro and aff to give them an interrupt and let Demo without a properly interrupt (not the stun/SILENCE that have already).

I really wanted the felhunter as a debuffer or amplifier damage to warlocks


why would you do that? you know that the Fel Hunter’s interrupt ability isn’t reliable.


They shouldn’t have changed how the pets work in the first place and I do accept the decision of reverting having the felhunter to have the interrupt.

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Don’t think too hard about it, just do this.


Oh no. I was so happy that Spell Lock was removed from the Felhunter! I’ve been wanting that for ever. Now I’m stuck with that demon again.


So instead of letting the players themselves chose, you take any choice away?

That is very rigid design on your part.
I thought we were going into an era of acceptance and choices, but it seems not.

I only have a lock alt that i seldom play, but even i see that it’s bad not having choices in such cases.


I really, really, really, hate, hate, hate, this change.

Make. A. Choice. Node.

Warlocks need to be able to interrupt in group play and should not be forced into playing felhound.

Warlocks who are doing solo content use voidwalker and can’t interrupt at all.

Having the interrupt on the warlock means voidwalker is okay for solo content, and there is an interesting choice between dispell, purge and cc in dungeon pet choice depending on group needs. It also benefited demo warlocks who, you know, do not always want to stun a target to interrupt it.

Just because some people miss the ability to interrupt while casting or cc’d doesn’t warrant keeping pet choice the same as it has been since 2004.

The idea that in pvp the enemy should know if you have a kick based on your pet is absurd. It’s pvp, if they aren’t using felhound you can be 100% sure they have a kick specced.

If pvpr Bob needs to use interrupt while he’s cc’d, he can do it with a choice node.

Please do not do this Blizz, you’ve been doing so good on these other class changes. This one is bad.


Yeah, this is not great. Whats wrong with letting players chose? The choice node makes sense. Pet interrupts are risky but some people are fine with it. Others prefer to interrupt themselves as it’s more reliable.

Or how about letting players chose the core ability the demon has equipped. That solves the interrupt problem and lets people chose the demon they want. Personally, I feel class fantasy would be letting the lock pick whatever demon they want to have out and not be stuck to 1 specific pet.


Spell lock on fel hunter has a 40 yd range and when your on a boss fight like mythic Prototype Pantheon when last phase you are require to kill the adds and also interrupt. My lock was part of interrupt rotation but fail to interrupt because I also assign to kill the add way in back thus causing my pet to run across to help killed the add. That cause one of boss to get a cast off. What Dev are doing is making it harder for us locks to be rely on interrupts.