FEEDBACK: Warlock Class Changes

Adding some additional feedback after spending the past weekend playing with the latest changes (As of 6/18). I feel most have been mentioned by others in structured, well-written feedback, so largely just making the point that many of the feedback / requests are universal among Warlock players.


  • Not having baseline interrupt feels terrible; especially for Demo where losing the Felguard means losing access to multiple key abilities / talents
  • 6-sec summoning feels terribly punishing, not compensated enough by Fel Domination (which at minimum should make the summon instant), and further amplify the above problem, among others
  • The above 2 points have basically been echoed by every single Warlock feedback posted here, I’d be really curious to hear the Devs’ rationale if they are to remain unconvinced.


  • New Shadowburn feels much, much better. The tool tip should be more explicit on how the increased crit against weaker targets is working. For it to better compete against other talents on the same row, maybe consider reducing the CD or making successful execute reset its CD (or return 2 shards), so that it can be used in a more offensive manner.

  • Rain of Chaos, as many others mentioned: it is conceptually cool, but tying RNG to a 3 minute cooldown just feels terrible in practice. The spell needs a CD reduction and/or a bad luck protection mechanism


  • Again, the “long setup” issue have been mentioned by many others: reducing Shadowbolt cast time is a quick change that could go a long way
  • Having base cast time of 1.5 sec, HoG and Call Dreadstalkers are now effectively just GCD locked. Making either or both instant cast has little balance impact but could give Demo some much needed combat mobility, QoL improvement, and PVP viability
  • Summon Tyrant having baseline 5 shards is very welcome, but the spell should be instant cast, for it already has the most long-wind, complex maneuver as a dps cooldown, it really does not warrant a cast for itself. The same argument can be made for Nether Portal
  • Soul Strike is our ONLY instant cast direct damage dealer and shard generator, which really should be baseline. But if not, then for Summon Vilefiend to compete mechanic-wise, the latter really needs to either: be instant/have shorter cast OR cost no shard/generate a shard

Again I think none of these are new as many other great players have shared similar feedback, at this point I’d really like to hear the Devs’ rationale on not acting on some of these.

P.S. A new idea to solve some of Demo’s issue: Felguard (FG) is permanently summoned and fully soul-linked with the Lock (i.e. you die together i.e. the player will never be without their FG, so they never lose access to FG-related talents), but then Demo lock can summon a second pet (think Beastmaster Hunter Animal Companion), which provides the much needed second utility (for most it’d be interrupt from the Fel Hunter), with damage either reduced or split with the FG, but is killable. The technology already exists, the boost to Spec fantasy will be phenomenal (a master summoner that controls 2 demons at a time!), the synergy with other Lock spells will be great (Soul Link, Demonic Consumption), and it solves one of the most pressing of Demo issues (no interrupt) in a fun, unconventional way. For your consideration.


Looking at the Legendary gear datamining and today’s post on Legendary crafting, I just want to say: Please do not ignore our repeated feedback and request only to have them accessible through Legendary. I know I (and pretty sure many others) would be FURIOUS if you keep things as they are only to give us Legendaries that allow interrupt or shorter pet summon.

Pre-empting it right here, don’t do it please. Some of these basic asks (literally every other dps class / specs have) should be baseline and not borrowed power.

Also: Post 100!


The 3 minute cooldown on Fel Domination isn’t a good fix. I was keeping the overall mechanic in mind while doing my Mythic+ runs these past few weeks on live and realized I had a good reason to switch pets more often than that in some cases. You make us choose between an interrupt, a friendly dispel, a defensive cooldown, and… breasts I guess? It’s fine that we have that choice, but I still strongly disagree with this whole 6 second cast time for pets, even with FelDom. Utility is good. The illusion of utility is not.

As I have mentioned before, I am very glad you are going in the direction you are with the affliction changes, but you’re not done yet. MR on a single target feels real bad. On multiple targets, it’s pretty good. The real problem I see with aff’s viability is that the nature of the ramping damage makes it essentially obsolete in Mythic+ dungeons. If a group is going to be dying in ten seconds, why am I there? I want to feel like I’m contributing while also playing my favorite spec. I’m real tired of being forced into destro to not slow down my groups.


Nether Portal needs help

This Demonology talent has a lot of flavor for the spec, also bringing a rotational change compared to the other two talents, but there are a few flaws.

1 - Nether Portal damage value on demons is all over the place ( this means the talent is a Demonic Slot Machine, where yu can highroll to the top of the charts or low roll to obscurity.

You have 2 damage highrolls in the form of Bilescourge and Prince Malchezar followed by 7 damage average demons and then you have the bad draw in the form of Eye of Guldan.

Malchezar and Bilescourge are 2 to 3 times stronger than the other 7 and the other 7 are 2 to 3 times stronger than Eye of Guldan.

This kind of slot machine gameplay where you have no control on what you summon and where you either gain a lot of loose a lot isn’t fun.

my suggestion: flatline all the NP/ID damage so that all of then are consistent damage sources.

2 - Nether Portal is particularly punishing on heavy movement, if you have a bad luck of the draw and get’s targeted by a mechanic or an interrupt/knockback you can loose almost its entire value of its 3 min CD power.

This mean, even in situations where it might be on paper better than Demonic Consumption it won’t be used because its just too much trouble. (similar to how Doom is higher dps but no one uses instead of DeCon)

There are some other problems with the talent like it’s long cooldown and lower synergies compared to Demonic Consumption, but i think point 1 and 2 are the more problematic ones.


Annnd Our Watch (on Interrupt for Demo) Is Ended. Thank you.

That said, 2 reactions:

  1. Axe Toss has a travel animation, please make sure the interrupt happens upon throw / button press, rather than upon landing which is half sec delayed
  2. Linking interrupt to FG (instead of say my suggestion on post 99 :wink: ), this makes losing pet even bigger of a deal, and the new 6-sec resummon even more a pain… Suggestion: Make Fel Domination 2 min CD which makes the summon instant.

Anyhow, a win is a win, and many of us will happily take that over nothing.

Now, can we talk about all them long setup with hard-casts (post above on Nether Portal is a prime example)? The Legendaries datamined so far also feel… underwhelming.


Thanks for all of the detailed feedback! While there are still some planned changes coming for Warlock, we’ve made a few recently that you should be seeing in the Alpha:


  • Agony base damage increased by 12%.
  • Inevitable Demise increases Drain Life’s damage by 12% per stack (was 5%).


  • Axe Toss now interrupts stun immune targets, such as dungeon or raid bosses. This does not affect PvP combat.


  • Soulfire damage increased by 40%.
  • Infernals summoned from Rain of Chaos no longer trigger Infernal Awakening.
  • Rain of Chaos Infernals now have some bad luck protection built in. Chance also increased to 20% (was 15%).

I’ve played on my warlock on Alpha for a while and there are some issues I had with my gameplay on Destruction Warlock:

  • Damage is still focused around Chaos bolt. This is the main issue of Destruction Warlock since Legion. All your casts do no damage even with the new Roaring Blaze talent. In Shadowlands we won’t have our main Azerite trait Flashpoint, which will make gameplay more slow and focused on casting more Incinerates, because Immolate won’t provide that many Soul fragments. Flashpoint shouldn’t be a thing again, but a Destruction casts a lot so every cast should do something. Destruction needs damage balancing around it casts.

  • Soul Fire still has no place in our gameplay. Even after full rework of this spell I can’t see any reason to use it, eventho the new animation is kinda cool. There are several reasons for it: 1) Cast is too long. 2) CD is too long. 3) Bonus with instant Incinerate isn’t useful because its damage is low.
    So make this spell baseline PLS :slight_smile:

  • Shadowburn is nothing compared to 15% haste proc. This spell was iconic for Destruction for a long time( even in early Legion it had it’s own place). Make this baseline for Destruction as well, so it will a choise how to spend Shards.

My last post was suppused to contain some PvP talents ideas for Destruction, but I had no time to speak about them until today. My opinion:

  • Entrenched in Flames talent is Overpowered. Destruction PvP toolkit is one of the most overpowered thing right now on BfA. In Shadowlands we have curses back, as well as Demonic circle, which will make Destruction a bit imbalanced in this way. May be this talent should be snare effect instead of roots, or consume Immolate to root. Anyway, make sure to take a look on this talent.

  • Focused chaos should be removed. Chaos bolt should be balanced by default and not have to be modified.

  • New talent: Soulburn (Consumes a Soul Shard, enhancing some of your spells: Immolate (makes it Instant cast and damage done increased by 100%, Demonic Circle: Teleport (after using teleport increase movement speed by 50% for 5 seconds, Soul Fire (makes it instant), and Health Stone (increase maximum HP by 20%), Drain life(increase healing done by 100%). This spell was introduced in Cataclysm and added tons of fun to use it. Making it a PvP talent will make Shards management in PvP more profound. This talent can be added to other warlocks specs

  • Cremation: conflagrate does an additional 10% of maximum target’s hp in Fire damage if the target is affected by your Immolate, but Immolate periodic damage will be consumed. Immolate consume mechanic was the thing I liked in Destruction spec, so let us choose around our playstyle.

  • New PvP talent: Shadowflame (Targets in a cone in front of you have movement slowed by 70%. Puts Immolate on targets with 5-10secs duration.) With my Cremation rework this will fit perfectly to the new Roaring blaze playstyle.


“While there are still some planned changes coming for Warlock”

Breathes heavily, cue Hawkeye “Don’t…” gif

Thanks for the Demo interrupt and Rain of Chaos bad luck protection. Not sure number buffing is the right way to tackle Soulfire though.


Here is the problem of the stun, and not a interrupt and why this change on Axe Toss won’t work.

On dungeons and raids adds also need to be interrupted, and when they are interrupted they will stop casting, when they are stunned instead they will resume casting after the stun ends.

Exemple: Shrine of the storm trash, Grong adds.

To make the problem worse, Axe Toss suffers from travel time and might just mess around the interrupt.

Personally i think the better solution would be to give a separated interrupt spell either to the felguard or to the demonology warlock maybe on a secondary pet, but if the problem is giving a extra source of crowd control/utility (and i don’t see why not as this is the case for hunters).

Then, the second option would be to Axe Toss always be a Stun on hit(like it’s now), who also interrupts on cast(not on hit), with the interrupt always taking priority over the stun (that way, you cant have a situation where the cast is stunned first and the interrupt “miss” the cast).

If it needs to be on hit, then i would say the ideal would be to be a Stun and a Interrupt at the same time, and coded in such a way that it has the same interrupting effect (the caster won’t cast again after he stops being stunned) as a interrupt.

Otherwise, i rly love the job you all are doing and how you are all listening to the feedback.


Hang on, the language here is a bit hard to understand.

Does this mean:
If a caster isn’t permanently stun immune, it only Stuns (which could have Diminishing Returns or immunity) and doesn’t interrupt?

Does this mean:
If a caster isn’t permanently stun immune, it Interrupts the casting spell on top of Stunning the target?

Its great the interrupt issue is being acknowledged, but Axe Toss has these issues of clarity, and issues of Travel Time (which no other interupt has).

It would be far better if the Call Felhunter PvP Talent was just made baseline (which doesn’t even summon extra pet models, it’s just a interupt).


Does this mean:
If a caster isn’t permanently stun immune, it only Stuns (which could have Diminishing Returns or immunity) and doesn’t interrupt?

This is correct. Axe Toss will only interrupt your target if they are permanently immune to stuns. We will monitor how this plays out and make adjustments if necessary, so please continue providing feedback to us. We appreciate how well-spoken and detailed all of your posts have been!


I concur. Warlocks’ biggest weakness is our over-reliance on pets to do important things like interrupt and dispel. Things that almost every other class has baseline.

The axe toss change is a tiny step in the right direction, but It would make a lot more sense to just make Spell Lock (or Call Felhunter, as it may be) a baseline spell for all warlocks.

Hunters aren’t restricted from doing important things like interrupting based on which pet they’re using, so we shouldn’t have such restrictions either.


I’ll give more opinions when its on a testable build, but definitely think this implementation has missed the mark, as it still leaves Demonology as the only damage dealing spec in the game without a spell to interrupt with the majority of the time.
I would say this is probably the number 1 big topic issue affecting the spec.

Interrupts in Dungeons
The main place this affects the spec is in Trash Packs in dungeons, there’s been very few examples where a Dungeon or Raid boss has needed a interrupt in recent memory.

NPC spellcasting in dungeons have various different casting behaviours, so I want to give some examples from BFA where this Axe Toss implementation will do something, and where it will fall short.

Example 1: Hired Assassin from Motherload.
He has Toxic Blades. He will only attempt to cast this spell once during his lifespan. So any Stun or Interrupt will prevent the spell from being cast.
So in this example, Axe Toss works here regardless of this change.

Example 2: Wild Skyscreamer from Atal’Dazar.
He has Terrifying Screech. He will attempt to cast this spell whenever it is off it’s 15 second cooldown. It will only be put onto it’s 15 second cooldown if it’s either 1) Cast successfully or 2) Interrupted.
He can be stunned, but a stun is not an interrupt, so does not trigger the spell cooldown, and he will start casting instantly after the Axe Toss wears off.
So in this example, Axe Toss effectively does nothing, and continues to not function for interrupting in this example.

Stuns vs Interrupts are very different things at the moment, with NPCs designed to interact with them differently.

Even if Axe Toss started to always Interrupt and Stun in future iterations, attempting to merge Stun and Interrupt into a single ability like Axe Toss was tried in the past; with Bash on Druids and Hammer of Justice on Paladins, before Skull Bash and Rebuke were invented for good reason.

I strongly suggest ability to Interrupt should be its own ability, either on the Felguard or on the Warlock.

Thanks :heart:


Very quick: Will we see a fix for the Mark of Borrowed Power Anima Power for Affliction? Since Torghast was first released, Mark of Borrowed Power for Affliction gives a chance for Soul Wrack to grant shards on completion.

Soul Wrack is a spell that doesn’t exist. for reference.


Could you please consider removing the random component from Destruction Warlock’s Mastery: Chaotic Energies? The RNG component has never been fun. Our Mastery was perfectly fine when it just gave us a flat damage increase with no randomness involved.

Gear drops are random enough, we don’t need even more RNG on top of the total lack of control we have over what stats we get.


In the next build, we’ve made a few Destruction Warlock talent adjustments to address concerns with how the new talents are fitting into the rotation. While we’re not yet focused on making broad class tuning adjustments, we want to make sure these new talents are in a reasonable place for Beta.



  • Soul Fire cooldown is now 45 seconds (was 1 minute) and now applies Immolate (was an instant Incinerate).
  • Internal Combustion reverted to consuming 5 seconds of Immolate (was 7 seconds).
  • Shadowburn reverted to 2 charges (was 1) and its cooldown is now also reduced by Haste.
  • Shadowburn Spell Power coefficient increased to 141% (was 130%).
  • Roaring Blaze lasts 8 seconds (was 6 seconds).
  • Rain of Chaos Infernals now always spawn where your first Infernal landed.

PvP Talents

  • Focused Chaos damage increase is now 40% (down from 65%).

I need to ask because I’m more and more puzzled the more changes come, but what are the plans for Destruction for Shadowlands? Because so far most of the proposed changes seem to be devaluing Chaos Bolt more in favor of a “fire warlock” playstyle with Incinerate spamming as the main means of DPS. I think the Focused Chaos nerf was a bit too much, considering a good portion of the reason why Warlocks are so powerful in Arenas right now is because of Grimoire of Supremacy (which will no longer exist in Shadowlands).

With that being said… Rain of Chaos is still a very subpar talent, and with the proposed change of Infernals always landing where you first Infernal landed, it becomes even more subpar. The second the mob you’re attacking moves away from where you first landed your infernal, the talent loses value, as the Infernal only deals damage within melee range of their targets.

Rain of Chaos infernals only last 10 seconds. Every second the summoned infernal has to run to a mob and not deal any damage in the process, it will lose 10% of its value (that is, if you even proc Rain of Chaos!). Rain of Chaos is supposed to be used to give us more burst in heavy AOE situations, but in places like high end Mythic+, kiting or overall moving mobs around is very common. The proposed limitation removes control from us, as we either need to predict where the mobs will be for the next 30 seconds before throwing an Infernal to make full use of the talent, or just accept that the talent is even weaker than before.

The other changes are good, although I still feel like Soul Fire is flawed in its very core (as a long cast spell that doesn’t really offer much) and will likely never be taken over Flashover unless we reach insane levels of Haste like we are right now at the end of the expansion.


UPDATE Due to Conduits changing some stuff.

Feedback on Demonology Legendaries.

Forces of the Horned Nightmare:

This legendary have an interesting concept but I think on its execution it suffered from some flaws that end up making this effect don’t have a legendary feeling.

  • Visually you don’t notice the second Hand of Guldan, you notice the Imps but those don’t hang around for very long
  • It’s the bad kind of RNG, you can have multiple HOG cycles without a single proc, and then that 1 shard HOG miscast will proc it.
  • The Legendary power is spread around doubling HOG damage, Imp quantity and better damage/imp per soul shard coefficient.

I think you can approach this effect a different directions, all of them tring to focus this legendary direction at a specific design perspective.

A) [2] Tier 17 Approach.

Instead of a 15% high RNG proc that double the HOG damage and double the imp generated, a no RNG/Lower RNG effect who increase the amout of Imps generated.

Tooltip: “Your Hand of Guldan summons X% more imps” or “Your Hando f Guldan have 50% chance to summon X% more imps”.

This will be an effect that happens more times, it’s perceived more often and focus the legendary power only in one of the aspects of the HoG for a bigger impact on that aspect.

B) Guldan have 5 Fingers/ Hand of Guldan now consumes 5 shards:

Going in the opposite direction of solution A) you could make this a legendary that changes how you approach Hand of Guldan and its rotational use.

Tooltip: “Your Hand of Guldan now consumes up to 5 soul shards and gains increased damage by X% per shard spent”.

This effect focus on increasing the Hand of Guldan power while keeping the same Shard per Imp coefficient (1 shard = 1 imp), you save some GCDS as you need less HOGS to spend the same amount of shards and slightly change the rotation as now it consumes up to 5 shards.

C) Inner Demons/Nether Portal/[4] Tier 18 approach:

Instead of Hand of Guldan being a 15% proc for double the Hand of Guldan damage and amount of imps who you could try and bake a % proc to summon a random demon from the void/twisting nether.

Advantages are that those demons are visually more impactfull than Imps and have some extra flavor due to the demon diversity in the pool.

Wilfred’s Sigil of Superior Summoning :

Cooldown Reduction at current level is underwhelming, desyncs Tyrant from Dredastalkers, Vilefiend while not being enough to sync it with Felguard or even gain extra uses on most encounters that aren’t extremely long.

Mark of Borrowed Power:

Mark of borrowed Power works a little differently on Demonology than on affliction and destruction, this happens because Call Dreadstalker is on a cooldown something very different from Malefic Rapture or Chaos bolt who’s only limitation are the soul shard cost, while also being tied to a 25% RNG proc rate makes this legendary a worse version of the Legion legendary “Recurrent Ritual”.

I think this legendary could be changed to better fit the power of a legendary along those lines:

A) Remove the % proc rate and make it work just like Recurrent Ritual

B) Just like Mark of Borrowed Anima Power: Implement the cooldown reset, if the cooldown reset is too strong tied on Dreadstalkers (as it could create Chain Dreadstalkers) you could tie it to Shadowbolt/Demonbolt or instead of a Cooldown reset make it a Cooldown Reduction.

C) Change it to refund soul shards on Hand of Guldan instead of Dreadstalkers, adjust proc rate accordingly.

Grim Inquisitor’s Dread Calling:

This is the original effect of [2] T21 for demonology, and I won’t lie, it can be a strong effect numerically, but It’s not an interesting effect worthy of being called legendary, it’s also an effect conceived to work hand in hand with the [4] Parts of T21.

For that my solution is simple, bake the [4] effect of tier 21 to it, the proc of the [4] effect could be tied in the following forms.

A) After X soul shards spend your Dreadstalkers will immediately use Dreadbite again, this can only happen once per dreadstalkers.

B) After X Seconds your Dreadstalkers will use Dreadbite again, this can only happen once per dreadstalkers.

C) After casting Hand of Guldan or Shadowbolt your Dreadstalkers will immediately use Dreadbite again, this can only happen once per dreadstalkers.

Well, turns out you guys made [4] Parts of the Tier 21 to be a conduit, so i can’t suggest that approach any longer, I would even say that the two together make a strong combo, I still think the legendary alone is not all that amazing but together with the conduit its nice.
I would only advice on one thing: it needs some form of visual indicator tooltip on the warlock to track by how much you dreadstalkers are being increased.


Give Warlocks the ability to tame/capture other demon forms. Legion and WoD had a lot of great updates for demon models.

Literally copy over the same selection style that hunters have now with the stable master.

Let Demo have 2 pets. The felguard which is extra and a normal pet to have the utility.



  1. Chaos bolt is just too weak. The fact that you can potentially use RoF on single target and have a viable build is pretty telling to just how bad Chaos Bolt is right now. It just straight up needs a buff, especially given how Rain of Chaos works now.
  2. Soulfire feels good to use now which is great, but the cast time is too punishing. Either lower the cast time by at least 1 second, or make it affected by Backdraft.
  3. I’m not really sure what the reasoning was behind reverting Internal Combustion back to 5 seconds. It is extremely weak at the moment, especially with how bad Chaos Bolt is. Internal Combustion needs some love to be viable. I really hope this does get buffed too, because it is genuinely fun and interesting to play with.
  4. Rain of Chaos is bugged currently, and any infernal procs will reset the cooldown on Infernal back to 3 minutes. This makes it nonviable.
  5. Grimoire of Sacrifice has been a terrible talent for all of BFA, both for flavor and throughput. Sacrificing your pet for a damage gain is cool thematically, but the execution here is mediocre at best. Grimoire of Sacrifice has always ended up equaling the damage your pet would have done anyways, which makes it a neutral gain, thus never worth taking when there are incredibly options on this row. This needs either a huge buff or to get redesigned. Also, just having +shadow damage feels pretty bad since it literally affects nothing about how we would play. Which pet we sacrifice should affect what buff we get.


  1. Demonic Strength seems like it’ll be the best talent for every situation, which feels bad. Bombers needs buffed, and Dreadlash has been a dead talent for a full expansion now. A rework is needed there.
  2. The new Demonic Consumption is fine, but has made it extremely predictable and boring for setting up Tyrants. The skill cap that existed before is gone now, which is unfortunate.
  3. Expanding on the above point, Demonology just feels like it’s missing something. Personally, I’d love to see Nether Portal get made baseline, but for Consumption to be nerfed slightly to compensate. As it stands you will never pick anything besides Consumption.
  4. Sacrificed Souls is just a bad talent, and feels awful to use. I want to buff my demons, not my own weak Shadowbolts. This really needs to go.
  5. Demonology is really lacking in the legendary department. The HoG recast legendary is currently the best bet, but even that is not amazing. The Explosive Potential legendary would be great, but it is far too limiting to ever see use in play now. An 8 second duration down from 16 is far too short to be useful, and a 3 target minimum is meaningless. The whole point is that Implosion is bad on single target, so using it on single target is already a downgrade over AoE, so why restrict it more?
  6. The CDR legendary needs a buff. Currently on a target dummy, I can drop Tyrant from 1:30 -> 1:17. This just isn’t good enough. 0.5, maybe 0.4 seconds instead of 0.3


  1. First off, thank you. This spec feels so much better and so much more fun to play than in BFA. Props. That being said, there are some issues.
  2. Darkglare is just a terrible cooldown. The only real use is for extending DoTs in AoE situations, but the damage it does itself is laughable. It did something like 1.8% of my damage on single target during raid testing. Personally, I think it would be cool to reverse the design of how this works. Darkglare could consume every DoT that you have active, empowering itself to do lots of damage based on the number of DoTs consumed. Then make it do like 10x the damage it does now.
  3. Seed of Corruption feels awful to use now since it is directly taking a shard away that could have been used for Malefic Rapture. Seed itself, even with Sow the Seeds, does far less damage than Malefic Rapture, which is fine. But this ability should not cost a shard anymore, or Nightfall procs should once again make this both instant-cast and free.
  4. DRAIN SOUL NEEDS TO BE BASELINE. There is absolutely no reason to make Drain Soul just a talent anymore with Shadow’s Embrace baseline. Shadowbolt feels terrible to use with the build, which makes Drain Soul a must have in almost any situation. Drain Soul also offers a higher skill cap for the spec on multi-target since you can juggle shadow’s embrace uptimes. Because of how good Drain Soul is, the other 2 talents on the first row are essentially dead, which is unfortunate because Inevitable Demise is one of the better talents that Aff has and feels fun to use. But in the current state, it never will.
  5. Grimoire of Sacrifice has been a terrible talent for all of BFA, both for flavor and throughput. Sacrificing your pet for a damage gain is cool thematically, but the execution here is mediocre at best. Grimoire of Sacrifice has always ended up equaling the damage your pet would have done anyways, which makes it a neutral gain, thus never worth taking when there are incredibly options on this row. This needs either a huge buff or to get redesigned. Also, just having +shadow damage feels pretty bad since it literally affects nothing about how we would play. Which pet we sacrifice should affect what buff we get, or if nothing else just give us something new here.
  6. Soul Conduit makes no sense for Affliction. Demo and Destro spend enough shards to get a decent potential return, but Aff does not spend shards at the same rate. This either needs a rework or a significant buff if anyone will ever take it.
  7. This sort of goes into how bad Darkglare is, but the CDR legendar is laughable here. Destro gets 2 seconds off Infernal, which is an insanely powerful cooldown, per shard when it spends shards at an insane rate. Aff on the other hand only gets 1 second per shard off Darkglare, which is an insanely weak cooldown, and spends shards something like 3x as slowly if not more than destruction. This needs a significant buff for Aff.